• POD: President Kennedy narrowly avoids an assassination attempt on his life which ends in the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • Following his tour, President Kennedy announces the intent to place a man on the moon.
  • The Artemis Program is funded by President Kennedy with the intent of Space expansion and exploration.


Apollo 11 first step

Gus Grissom steps on the moon.

  • President Kennedy is reelected with the promise of expanding the Space Program.
  • The Artemis 1 shuttle is launched, with Gus Grissom stating "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" (In OTL, the Apollo 1 exploded, taking Gus Grissom with it).


  • Vietnam War: President Kennedy announces that the United States will remain neutral in the conflict, focusing on the Space Race.
  • Artemis 2 sends scientist Robert Henway to the moon, where he discovers frozen water located beneath the moon.


  • Hubert Humphrey is elected President with the promise of missions to the moon and Mars by the end of his first term.
  • President Humphrey diverts money from the military to assist in the Artemis Program and the newly founded Ares Program.
  • The Artemis Program creates the first inflatable habitat using the funding from President Humphrey.


Nasa moon base 2020 north pole

Kennedy Base

  • Neil Armstrong is launched into Space on the Artemis 7 program.
  • The habitat known as Kennedy Base is successfully deployed.




135855main marsconcept-1

Olympus base

  • Hubert Humphrey is reelected President.
  • The Mars base Olympus is completed.


  • The Vietnam War ends with the establishment of North Vietnam and South Vietnam was legitimate states.
  • A second base, known as Grissom Base is established on the moon.
  • The shuttle Ares 2 launches for Mars to the Tharsis region.


  • The USSR begins to suffer economic troubles from several failed attempts to place their own base on the moon.
  • A joint United States-Great Britain shuttle known as Aphrodite 1 is launched to Venus.
  • A toxic atmosphere is discovered along with a barren landscape.


  • Tranquility Base is established on the moon.
  • Kennedy Base reaches an internal population of 6,400, leading to its renaming to Kennedy City.
  • Olympus City is established from Olympus Base on Mars.


  • Lester Maddox is elected the first Independent President, following promises of establishing an American society of Mars and Venus.
  • The United Lunar Colonies are established with the purpose of governing the moon.
  • The Federal Council of Mars is established, with the purpose of governing the budding American presence on Mars.
  • Riots in Moscow eventually lead to the Russian Civil War.


  • President Maddox commissions NASA to develop a way to make Venus habitable for humans.
  • Cydonia City and Tharsis City are established on Mars.


  • Grissom City is established on the moon.
  • Scientists at NASA discover a microbe which would eat other gases and convert them into Oxygen.
  • The Aphrodite 2 shuttle deploys the microbe in Venus' atmosphere.




  • Lester Maddox loses reelection to Ed Clark.
  • In his first act in office, President Clark announces that he will focus efforts on establishing bases on Jupiter's and Saturn's moons.
  • Ishtar Base is established on Venus.


  • The Jupiter Program launched Jupiter 1 for Ganymede.
  • Ed Clark signs the Civil Rights Act bill into law, effectively eliminating segregation in the country.
  • Reports come in from Mars that children born in the Mining towns are being born with bizarre mutations.
  • Seeing no progress in Politics on Earth, Ronald Reagan moves to Mars.


Mars states

American States of Mars by 1982.

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