This timeline delves into the world where communism survived in the Soviet Union continuing the Cold War with the United States into present day.

Post-Coup Deterioration: 1991-2001


  • 12 November - Soviet General Secretary Gennady Yanayev begins his "world tour", planning to meet with the leaders of Mongolia, India, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, and Venezuela.
  • The Yugoslav Civil War begins between the republics who fought for sovereignty. A series of seven wars and insurgencies plague the former-Yugoslavian region for the next decade.


  • 4 March - Soviet representatives meet with Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani to build up relations and trade between the two countries.
  • 9 March - Violence erupts in Afghanistan as Afghan troops mobilize to the Pashtuni region of the country
  • 14 June - Soviet General Secretary Yanayev travels to Iraqi to encourage Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to allow new Soviet oil companies to build pipelines in the country and stimulate trade between the Iraqi and Soviet countries.

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