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Secession (1860-1864)

On December 20, 1860 South Carolina seceedes from the United States. Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas soon followed South Carolina in seceeding from the U.S. Delegates from the seven seceeded states formed the Confederate States of America in February, 1861. After the Battle of Ft. Sumter, four more states seceeded to join the Confederacy: Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Nouth Carolina. Kentucky and Missouri were split on a vote to join the Confederacy until the Battle of Gettysburg, the states realized how badly it hurt them so on a new referendum, the two states seceeded and officially joined the Confederacy in mid-1864.

Kansas Wars (1860-1863)

Main Article Kansas Wars (Southern Independence)

Kansas is split into two groups: The Pro-Union people and the Pro-Confederates. The pro-Union people wanted Kansas to enter as a Union state. The pro-Confederates want Kansas to be a state of the Confederacy. Fighting goes on for three years until the Pro-Confederates win and Kansas officially becames a state in the Confederacy in 1864.

The South's Road to Independence (1861-1871)

Main article The Independence of the Confederate States of America (Southern Independence)

In 1861 the Confederate troops fire at Fort Sumter, an army base in South Carolina. This is the start of one of the bloodiest battles in history. Lincoln sends troops to the south to ease the rebellion only to find out it was too late and the war is on. Many people on both sides thought that this war would be over instantly with their respective sides winning the war but after 1862, it is realized that this war will be going on for a long time.

The Battle of Gettysburg, one of the major battles of the war is won by the Confederacy. This changed the course of the war. Confederate moorale was boosted to its highest since the start of the war and Union morale plummeted to an all time low. Union morale boosted after winning some more battles in 1867 and 1868 but not enough to win against the Confederates.

The war took a hard hitting on the Union. The war became unpopular to many people in the North. Lincoln's approval rating for his third term drops considerably to a whopping 23%. Lincoln was forced to create a treaty and recognize the Confederacy as a nation. The treaty was signed on August 2, 1871 to end the long, long battle.

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