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Orwellian Era


  • Mariner 4 discovers evidence of alien life on Mars.
  • 5 August - An alien race, known as Helioites, land on Earth. One of their ships crashes off the coast of Cuba, and is later recovered.
  • 7 August - The United States military believes the Heliolite crash to be a missile test by the Soviets. The Second Cuban Missile Crisis begins.
  • 9 August - Heliolites land in Oregon, where they make contact with the United States government.
  • 10 August - A Heliolite colony is established off the coast of San Francisco. Official diplomatic ties with the United States are opened.
  • 15 August - With the help of the Heliolites, the United States begins building advanced spaceships in Oregon.
  • The United States begins its first steps toward an authoritarian government, using fear of Soviet or alien invasion to their advantage.
  • 20 August - A second Heliolite colony is established in the Pacific Ocean.
  • 30 August - A Heliolite colony accidentally lands in Alaska and begins to starve. The natives begin hunting the native Alaskans.
  • 1 September - Heliolite attacks in Alaska are condemned by major colonies further south, calling the Alaskan Heliolites radicals and extremists. The Alaskan War begins, with some Heliolites volunteering the aid the Americans.
  • 5 September - China invades Alaska, claiming to be aiding against alien invasion.
  • 7 September - The Battle of Anchorage ends in Chinese victory, over Heliolites and Americans alike.
  • 8 September - The Heliolites begin transferring weapons of mass destruction from their base on Mars to earth.
  • 12 September - Chinese administration in Alaska is created.
  • 15 September - A Heliolite colony is created outside the Maldives.
  • 16 September - The Heliolites agree to protect the United States, and create a protective shield around the Oregon region. The United States secretly flees there.
  • 20 September - Heliolites commission similar shields, called "vaults" across the United States.
  • 23 September - Heliolites launch a full out nuclear attack against Chinese holdings. In response the Soviets, and then the Americans, retaliate. World War Three begins. South Korea, parts of Japan, and the Philippines are also partially destroyed by the Heliolites.
  • 29 September - The Heliolites, unaffected by nuclear radiation, colonize parts of the Midwest.
  • 1 October - Yellowstone erupts, wiping out most of the Midwest survivors and the Heliolite colonies. A council is called between the states of the Pacific controlled by Heliolites, electing to band together to some degree, and remain centered around the Pacific Ocean, not inland.
  • Heliolite colonization of the Pacific increases rapidly.
  • 30 October - The first expedition from Oregon to the Moon is successful thanks to Heliolite technology.
  • 19 November - A Lunar city is created by the United States.
  • 25 November - Violence breaks out between Heliolites and the inhabitants of the Marshall Islands. A Pacific-Heliolite War is now feared.
  • 1 December - A coup is launched in Oregon which creates a dictatorship in the United States. The Orwellian Period begins.


  • 30 March - The Heliolite Civil War breaks out, on their unknown homeland.
  • 21 July - A Heliolite invasion force lands in the Amazon. Bombing commences across the continent. Heliolite communities along the Pacific coast are attacked.
  • 25 July - An alliance of Heliolite and Human cities, known as the Blue Faction, bands together against the invading Heliolites, known as the Harpocratian Faction. In retaliation asteroid attacks destroy several major cities in South America.
  • 30 July - A battle occurs between the two factions above Earth and over the Atlantic Ocean. Several large ships crash into England and the surrounding waters. Several ships are also abandoned intact in the English Channel.
  • 1 September - An invasion is launched of South Africa by the Harpocratian Faction.
  • 20 October - Europe is systematically bombed. Communities that remain are largely centered around Heliolite vaults.
  • 25 October - The Blue Faction elects to begin evacuating people from Europe.
  • 1 November - A asteroid strikes Egypt, wiping out much of northern Africa and the Middle East.


  • 1 February - The United States unleashes a race of cyborgs, known as Automaton-II’s. The Automatons manage to defend much of the west coast from attack.
  • 5 April - Harpocratians land in Central Asia. The Blue Faction responds by launching biological attacks. These attacks backfire however, and India and China are devastated.
  • 1 May - Automaton-II’s are landed in Siberia. For the next several months the front in East Asia will go back and forth.
  • 2 September - The Principality of Sealand is founded, utilizing several crashed Harpocratian colonies.
  • 15 September - The Heliolite base on Mars is leveled. Heliolites scatter across the planet.
  • 25 October - A Scandinavian space mission departs for Mars to survey the planet for settlement.
  • 1 November - A grand defense network is created along the Pacific Rim, controlled by the Blue Faction.


  • 1 January - The Australian Fire Raid; Harpocratians ravage Australia and the surrounding area, but are repulsed.
  • 30 January - Harpocratians launch an invasion of Indochina, nicknamed the Tet Offensive.
  • 19 February - The survey of Mars ends. It is discovered that several races of Martians exist, alongside various Heliolite communities.
  • 30 March - A revolt breaks out on the Moon, calling for democratic elections.
  • 11 April - The Lunar Civil War breaks out between the United States and various rebel groups.
  • 20 April - The Space Society of Friends is founded by Quakers on the moon, and soon grows among pacifists and other religious individuals.
  • 1 May - The Space Society of Friends is outlawed on the moon after its leaders allegedly aid the rebels. They depart for the Asteroid Belt to found a colony there.
  • 9 December - The Lunar Civil War ends, with various groups on the moon gaining autonomy. Various others are exiled, or choose to flee across the solar system.
  • 27 December - A human colony is founded on Mars, settled by the Martian Legion.


Bfoxian Era


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