312 A.D. (1045 A.U.C)

  • 28 October (a.d. VI Kal. Nov.): Maxentius defeats Constantine at the Battle of Milvian Bridge. Licinius is slain by an arrow, and Constantine drowns in the Tiber River, his head subsequently being paraded through the streets on a spear by Maxentius' jubilant troops. Maxentius holds the greatest adventus in Roman history, declaring that this battle has proven the powerlessness of the Christian God, stating that, "in Rome, Jupiter will forever reign supreme."
  • 31 October (a.d. III Kal. Nov.) Emperor Maxentius issues a series of decrees making him sole ruler of the Empire. He also opens a series of spectacular celbratory games at the Colosseum that will continue for the next month. Over the next two months, his armies defeat various rivals, leaving him the one and only Emperor of Rome.

313 A.D. (1046 A.U.C.)

  • 7 January (a.d. VIII Id. Ian.): Maxentius declares in the Senate that he plans to follow in the footsteps of Caesar by conquering new lands- specifically, Germania. He is met with cheers. Planning begins immediately on an invasion of Germania. He also orders a buildup of the navy and undoes some of Constantius I Chlorus' reforms, making the legions once again the primary element of the army. The Arcus Maxentii, Maxentius' triumphal arch, is completed in Rome.
  • 16 July (Id. Iul): As planned, on the Ides of July, Roman armies begin to march into Germania, spilling across the Flumen Rhenus (Rhine River) on specially-built mobile pontoon bridges. The Germanic tribes are caught by surprise, and Rome's armies smash their defenses across a broad front. Simultaneously, the Roman Navy, sailing from bases in Britannia, lands troops behind enemy lines in the northern areas of the OTL Netherlands, leading to surprise attacks on Germanic troops. 
  • 21 Jul. (a.d. XIII Kal. Aug.): Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix routs a Germanic army at the Teutoberg Forest, avenging the Roman defeat there centuries earlier.

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