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  • April 2nd - The Union fails to capture Sutherland Station, allowing General Robert E. Lee to maintain supplies.
  • April 3rd - Union assault on the fortress protecting the city of Petersburg, taking the life of General Ulysses S. Grant and killing over 7,000 Union troops.
  • April 7th - Union troops are forced to retreat from Virginia from orders by General William T. Sherman who replaced Ulysses S. Grant.
  • May 25th - Confederate General Robert E. Lee and his armies retakes much of the Union occupied territory within the Confederacy.


  • July 29th - The Confederacy pushes Union troops out of the Confederate States of America


  • August 23rd - Continuous stalemates between the Union and the Confederacy have started taken heavy tolls on both sides.


December 25th - The signing of the Treaty of Washington has occurred ending the American Civil War, leaving the United States split him half controlled by two separate factions.

This timeline is still under development.

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