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This is a general timeline for the world of Rise of Roses.

XVI Century

  • 1589) The recently appointed Lombard Duke of Tuscany (named Cosimo de' Medici) is able convince the other Lombard States to join Tuscany. The Papal States (for fear of rebellion) are forced give their Italian territory to the new Kingdom of Italy.
  • 1595) Italians attempt to establish colonies in Columbia. They soon go to war with the Spanish over the colonies. This is called the Columbia Crisis.
  • 1596) Italy defeats Spain and gets the two Sicillies along with Columbia.
  • 1597) Italy starts colonizing Tunis and New Italy .

XVII Century

  • 1620) Italy begins colonization of Sudan.
  • 1635) Italy conquers Abyssinia and East Africa.
  • 1639) Italy goes to war with the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans call in their French allies. This starts the Thirty Year's War.
  • 1642) The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (seeing a chance to weaken the Ottomans) joins the war on the side of Italy.
  • 1649) Seeing a chance to gain some French Colonies, Spain joins on Italy's side.
  • 1653) The Ottoman Empire is forced to surrender.
  • 1655) At the Battle of Andorra, France defeats the combined armies of Spain and Italy. Despite the fact that the Ottomans have been forced to surrender, French Victory seems likely.
  • 1657) The Holy Roman Empire, aided by France, attacks Poland-Lithuania. Within months, Warsaw is occupied.
  • 1658) With its Eastern front secured, France easily invades Spain. Madrid is soon occupied.
  • 1660) Warsaw Uprising. Poland-Lithuania rebels. Soon, Polish troops march near Berlin.
  • 1663) Italian forces liberate Spain.
  • 1665) Switzerland revolts from the Holy Roman Empire. Soon, Switzerland is invaded by France.
  • 1667) With Italian and Spanish Troops marching near Paris, France sues for peace.
  • 1669) The Treaty of Palermo effectively ends the Thirty Year's War. It States,
  1. Flanders, Frisia, and Switzerland are given to France.
  2. Prussia, Mecklenburg, and Silesia are given to Poland-Lithuania.
  3. What remains of the Holy Roman Empire is dissolved and turned into the German Confederation.
  4. Tunisia and Libya are officially no longer part of the Ottoman Empire, but are Italian.
  5. A New Nation, Hungary is to be created.
  6. A New Nation, Yugoslavia is to be created.
  • 1672) Germany and Hungary become Protestant Nations, killing and driving Catholics out of their lands. Nations that are already Protestant are England, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden .
  • 1675) Protestant Revolution in France.
  • 1679) The 7 Protestant nations declare war on Catholic Poland-Lithuania. The Poles appeal for help from Spain and Italy, but none comes. Beginning of the Polish War.
  • 1684) Catholic Uprising in France. France switches sides in the Polish War.
  • 1688) Unconditional cease fire to the Polish War.
  • 1695) Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire, thus beginning the Century War.
  • 1699) Scotland attempts to create a large colony in South America named New Caledonia. This ends up meaning war with Spain, defeated partly due to help by Italy. (The Darien War).

XVIII Century

  • 1700) The King of Spain (Carlos IV) dies. A French Noble is put on the Spanish throne, thus an alliance is cemented between France and Spain.
  • 1704) All Scottish Troops are successfully routed from Spain's American colonies.
  • 1706) England and Scotland (which have had the same Monarch since 1603) are proposed to Unite into one country. The Scottish reject this proposal, and install James III as King of Scotland; which breaks all ties between the two countries.
  • 1707) Nova Scotia officially joins Scotland.
  • 1709) Scottish troops return to Central America to combat Spain.
  • 1710) New Caledonia becomes a Scottish colony. Spain, Italy, and Scotland go to peace.
  • 1715) After 20 years (and 80 more to come) of bitter fighting with Russia, the Ottoman Empire convinces Poland-Lithuania to join the Century War on its side.
  • 1717) The Italian King dies. France (which wants to put a French noble on the Italian crown, just as it did with Spain) declares war on Italy (which resists the Frenchman). Spain joins the war on the side of France. This is the Italian War of Succession.
  • 1720) Florence is occupied by French troops. The Italian government finally resigns to French claims, and France puts a pro-French king of the de' Medici dynasty.
  • 1725) England, worried about French Domination of Europe, declares war on France and Spain.
  • 1726) Denmark and Norway are united.
  • 1730) England now occupies all of French America except for Louisiana.
  • 1731) The Anti-French Italian government returns from exile in England to face the Pro-French Government of Italy. With the combined forces of Italian rebels and the English Navy, they are able to liberate the Two Sicilies and the former Papal States, but Northern Italy remains under French control.
  • 1732) Sweden joins the Century War on the side of Ottoman Turkey.
  • 1733) The rest of Italy is liberated.
  • 1735) France and Spain sue for peace. The Italian War of Succession ends. The Peace treaty (Treaty of Yorkshire) shows the following conditions,
  1. All of French possessions in America (with the exception of Louisiana) are given to England.
  2. Spain and France may have no land armies, only sea forces.
  3. All remaining French colonies in America (Louisiana) are policed by English forces.
  4. French Lands in Europe and Africa are policed by Italian forces.
  5. All Spanish Lands are policed by Portuguese Forces.
  6. Switzerland is given independence from France.
  • 1740) Russia, being attacked on three fronts, decides to convince Yugoslavia (a Slavic nation just like Russia) and Hungary. However it fails to.
  • 1743) A small Russian unit guarding a small village, is attack by the Grand armies of Sweden and Ottoman Turkey. These armies are lead by the Caliph of the Ottoman Empire himself. Somehow, the Russian miraculously win and kill the Ottoman Caliph. This convinces Yugoslavia and Hungary to join the Century War on Russia's side.
  • 1749) Russian forces march through Swedish Finland, burning towns and villages to the ground.
  • 1755) To get an edge on their enemies, Russia decides to begin colonization of America.
  • 1760) English troops spot French land troops in India. This is a clear violation of the Treaty of Yorkshire. England declares war on France. Beginning the 7 year's war.
  • 1761) France draws Scotland in on its side. As these three empires are very much global, the war is fought from India to North America.
  • 1767) After all sides are exhausted from fighting, the 7 Year's War ends in a Status Qo Ante Bellium (with the exception that now France may have land forces).
  • 1770) Angry with Taxation without representation, English colonies in America begin to rebel. (Beginning of the American War of Independence)
  • 1779) Scotland declares war on England and aids the rebels.
  • 1780) French Revolution starts.
  • 1781) A young Italian in the French army is killed in a rough battle with the rebels. His name is Napoleon.
  • 1783) The American War of Independence ends, and England recognizes the new republic. It is named the United States of America.
  • 1785) The French Revolution is successful. All royalty and nobles in France are mauled to death. For fear of this being done to their nobles, England, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark-Norway, and Portugal all declare war on France, thus starting the French Revolutionary Wars.
  • 1788) Combined Hungarian and Yugoslav forces raze Ottoman Sarajevo to the ground.
  • 1790) German Revolution because of French Intervention, Germany is made a unified Republic.
  • 1793) Spanish Revolution overthrows the last in a line of French Nobles which have ruled Spain for 93 years.
  • 1794) Abo (capital of Swedish Finland) falls to Russian forces. Sweden sues for peace, and gives Finland to Russia.
  • 1795) With Sweden surrendering to the Russians, and Ottoman Turkey busy dealing with Hungary and Yugoslavia, the end seems certain for Poland-Lithuania. However, a powerful Noble named Chonzy, fights off Russian invasion. All 5 nations still fighting, agree that they must end their century of conflict. This ends the Century War.
  • 1798) The French Revolutionary Wars spread to Ireland. With support from the French and Scottish, Irish rebels are able to Irish War of Independence from the English Empire.
  • 1799) Although no peace treaty is ever signed, the fighting in the French Revolutionary Wars ends.

XIX Century

  • 1800) Scramble for Africa starts! Up until now, all the major European powers have had coastal colonies in Africa, but when a prominent Italian writer gets lost deep inside the continent, all the European powers see the chances of success.
  • 1801) England officially colonizes Australia.
  • 1803) Scotland, England, France, Italy, and the Ottoman Empire meet in Dakar, Scottish Africa to discuss the division of Africa.
  • 1804) America attempts to buy Louisiana from the French, but fails.
  • 1808) The last twos Indian kingdoms, the Maratha and the Mughals( traditional enemies because one is Hindu the other Muslim), go to war with one another. Scotland backs the Mughals. Start of the Bonnie War.
  • 1810) England backs the Marathas in the Bonnie War.
  • 1813) A sleeping giant awakes from its sleep. Japan, has been in complete isolation for over 200 years by now. That is about to change, as Japan begins an all-out war on Qing China. (The Asia Conflict)
  • 1815) The Bonnie War ends, when all of India is divided into Scottish and English Zones.
  • 1817) Peking falls to Japanese forces.
  • 1819) Realizing that since Japan is now the fastest growing nation in the world (both territorially and industrially) China calls in Dai Viet and Champa to help face Japan.
  • 1821) After the Japanese easily crush Dai Viet and Champa, the Kingdom of Siam join the Asia Conflict on the side of Japan.
  • 1822) Louisiana rebels from French Rule. (First Louisiana Rebellion)
  • 1825) The First Louisiana Rebellion is crushed.
  • 1828) Japan and Siam are successful in the Asia Conflict. Japan keeps almost all the new territories to itself, and creates the independent nations of Tibet, Uyghurstan, and Mongolia.
  • 1830) Second Louisiana Rebellion starts.
  • 1834) France gives Louisiana Independence.
  • 1835) Russia invades Uyghurstan. This ends up meaning war with Japan. (the Uyghur War)
  • 1836) Russia invades Mongolia.
  • 1839) The Uyghur War ends, and Russia incorporates Mongolia and Uyghurstan into its empire.
  • 1842) Italy colonizes Patagonia.
  • 1843) Poland-Lithuania and Ottoman Turkey sign the Pact of Bronze, a trade agreement, alliance, and mutual protection pact in one.
  • 1844) Hungary joins the Pact of iron.
  • 1846) Revolution in Portugal. Brazil is given independence.
  • 1850) The Ottoman Empire starts a campaign to industrialize quickly.
  • 1852) Civil War in America starts between the North and South. California rebels from Spain.
  • 1853) Spain recognizes California as independent. Texas rebels from Spain.
  • 1854) With another rebellion on their hands, Spain joins the Bronze Pact.
  • 1855) Nearly 1.5 million people die in the fighting in America.
  • 1859) The American Civil War ends with a Northern Victory.
  • 1860) Texas is recognized as an independent nation.
  • 1861) France and England (both wary of the other European powers) decide to put their hatred aside and form a mutual protection pact called "The New Alliance".
  • 1864) While touring Hungary, one the French ministers is attacked and killed in the streets. France declares war on the Bronze Pact, and the Bronze Pact declares war on the New Alliance. This sets in motion, World War One.

*See World War One for timeline of events!*

XX Century

XXI Century

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