Note: this is open for co-contribution This is the timeline for the Rise of Kingdoms scenario created by Masterire.


  • Mongke Khan suffers a heart attack yet survives, The Mongol armies stay in their conquered lands.


  • After the death of Mongol leader Kubla'i the Mongol Empire never splits into Khanates, leaving the Mongol empire alive and kicking. Due to this The Empire would leave a bigger cultural mark on history. This also means that Islam will never play a big role in Central Asian/Iranian politics as after the breakup of the Mongol Empire the state religion of over half the Khanates were made Islam while under direct Mongol rule there was freedom of religion.
    Kel 1300

    The world, 1306


  • The island of Èire is united by Queen Meave Ui Neill.


  • March: King Edward I fails to invade Scotland.


  • 12th June: A new pope, Benedict X, has enemies in Rome, the result of conflict over who should be pope. Benedict dies supposedly after eating poisoned figs.
  • The Marinids conquer Granada.


  • Church power is in decline. Concerned about kings taxing church property, Pope Boniface VIII has issued a Papal decree, Unam Sanctam, to maintain Church authority over kings. King Philip IV of France fears that he will be excommunicated and sends men to seize Boniface from one of his palaces. Boniface is rescued but shaken, and he dies soon afterward.
  • 17th May: The OTL Future Pope, Pope Clement dies in a stairwell accident.
  • June: Edward I fails to invade Scotland again, Scottish forces drive all of the English out of Scotland.
  • August: French influence in the College of Cardinals results in the selection of the Bishop of Bordeaux, who becomes Pope Clement V. People in Rome, opposed to a Frenchman as Pope, riot.
  • November: William Wallace of Scotland is captured, taken to London, convicted of treason, hanged and his corpse drawn and quartered.
  • After the death of the Sultan, Abu Al-Haqq comes into power over the Arabic Caliphate of Marinid.


  • King Philip IV of France has been extorting money from Jews. He needs money to pursue empire. He seizes the belongings of some Jews and expels them from his realm.
  • May: The Mongols Launch an invasion on the Nogai Khanate, a small khanate on the Black Sea. The troops are heavily outnumbered.
  • December: The new Pope, Pope Mathas-Leon I makes a historic visit to Fes, Marinid in an attempt by the new Sultan, Abu Al-Haqq, to strengthen ties with Europe.


  • Nogai Khanate is Captured by the Mongols, Fearing an Attack the Russian Principals attempt to come up with a peace treaty but it is refused.
  • The Mongols become more organized, a basic political structure is organized in Zhongdu (modern day Beijing) and also in the city of Constantinople (Modern day Istanbul).


  • The Empire of Mali expands down the coast into modern day Sierra Leone and Liberia, various port towns are founded including Musa.


  • April: The Mongols declare war on Bulgaria, Wallachia, Moldavia, Karvana, Severin, Srednogorie and Vidin (see 1300 map for locations marked in numbers). 
  • The Byzantine/Roman Empire begin a large Military enlargement, fearing an upcoming war.
  • June: Moldavia falls to the Mongols.
  • November: Karavana and Wallachia are defeated.


  • As Vidin, the last kingdom warring with the Mongols is defeated tensions rise dramatically in East Europe.

    Areas in Red invaded during the Famine Wars

  • A climate change has taken place, and this year in Europe rains are continuous, with people talking about the return of the flood described in Genesis. Crops are ruined and famine begins in some areas. The Mongols use this to their advantage and launch a full scale invasion of Hungary and the Caucasus region in what comes to be known as the Famine wars.
  • King Louis X declares that any slave that sets foot on French Soil shall be freed and become a citizen of France.


  • The Famine Wars end. Hungary and Rum have lost much land while other nations are consumed by the Mongol Empire.


  • 12th June: The Production of Paper begins in Germany.
  • The Aztecs found Tenochtitlan, which in OTL would one day become Mexico City.


  • March: The Mongols declare War on the Russian Principals.
  • The Holy Roman Empire forms an Alliance with Bohemia, Denmark, Poland and Sweden in fear of an attack.


  • Scottish Independence is recognized by the English Throne and the Last English are driven from Scotland.
  • The first Saw Mills are built in Europe.
  • Floods of Refugees flee southern Russia into the Holy Roman Empire causing shortages of Water, Food and raising ethnic tensions.

    The Mongol Empire after the defeat of the Russians.


  • Stability provided by the Kamakura shoguns has been breaking down. Political unrest has been increasing. Emperor Daigo has been seeking to overcome his figurehead status, and he succeeds temporarily because he is joined by a number of warriors who are at odds with the family of the shogunate ruling from Kamakura – the Hōjō family. These warriors supporting the emperor are interested in redistributing feudal privileges and enlarging their land holdings. Emperor Daigo declares the end of the Hōjō shogunate, and the Hōjō shogun commits suicide. This marks the end of the Kamakura era – an era that began in the year 1185.


  • June: Emperor Daigo has rewarded his warrior supporters with less than they had expected. Ashikaga Takauji leads the military men in turning against the emperor. They capture the imperial city, Kyoto, and establish an amenable emperor from the northern faction of the royal family – the royal family having divided into factions, with Daigo from the southern faction. Ashikaga Takauji names himself the new shogun. The Ashikaga family is now to dominate the shogunate and to rule Japan from Kyoto. The Ashikaga family is to be superior in wealth but unable to dominate the whole of Japan without alliances – a source of future trouble. The Ashikaga family patronizes Zen more lavishly than did the Hōjō shoguns, turning Zen into an official organ of the shogunate.
  • India suffers from drought and famine. The sultanate in Delhi is doing little to assist his subjects, and discontent has given rise to rebellion. 


  • The Delhi Sultanate dissolves and is invaded by the Yadavas.


  • The Russian Principals are defeated after almost 15 years war.
  • Constantinople becomes the central trade hub of Europe and North Africa under Mongol Rule.


  • Unknown to much of the world The Mongol invasions are trade power based. The capture of Crimea, Constantinople, The Russian Access to the Baltic Sea, Access the Adriatic Sea through Serbia.
  • King Philip manages to push the English out of France.

    The Kingdom of Bengal in red


  • The Mongols invade the Mamluk Sultanate for control over the control over the trade out of The Nile, The Red Sea and Alexandria.
  • June: The Mamluk Sultanate falls to the Mongols after two months.
  • 2nd July: The Mongols declare war on Banu Sulaym.


  • The Mongols defeat Banu Sulaym.
  • 23rd May: The Kingdom of Bengal gains independence.
  • The Mongols begin their invasion of the Byzantine Empire.


  • The Mongols launch war on the Teutonic Order, The remainder of Hungary, Poland and Lithuania. The Mongol effectiveness proved to be to great for their armies and within twenty months they have all fallen.

    Lands captured the Mongols within 6 months in red.

  • Increased refugees in the Holy Roman Empire leads to famine in some areas and full out civil unrest and mass violence in poorer areas.


  • Poland, the Teutonic Order and Hungary fall to the Mongols. 
  • The Native Saami peoples of north Scandinavia are conquered by the Mongols.
  • The Bubonic Plague appears in Modern day Kazakhstan.
  • The Mongols press on further into The Holy Roman Empire, Croatia, Venice and Bohemia. 
  • Denmark, Sweden and Norway declare war on the Mongol Empire, in retaliation the mongols begin their invasion of those countries too.


  • The Bubonic Plague appears in Eastern former Russia. The fact that the Mongolian Empire is so connected the disease spreads faster than it did in OTL. The regions also being either filled with refugees, devastated by war make it even worse. The fact that one could get a ship from Beijing to Oslo makes it worse.
  • 8th May: The Byzantine Empire is defeated by the Mongols after three years of war.
  • July-August: Sicily, Genoa, Venice, The Holy Roman Empire and Denmark are defeated by famine and the Mongols. The overcrowding of refugees lead to the abrupt famines that left East and North Europe starving. This made them easy prey.
  • August-November: The Bubonic Plague spreads to Munich.
  • The Mongols declare war on France


  • Circa January: The Bubonic Plague has killed around six million Europeans.
  • 9th August: Khmer in South East Asia declares war on Sokhothai as they want the power to protect themselves in the event of a Mongol invasion.
  • Riseofkingdoms135?
    Sometime in Summer:
    The Bubonic Plague arrives in Paris
  • 23rd December: The capital of Sokhothai is surrounded, starving out the residents.
  • Between 6th 21st November: The Bubonic Plague arrives in Lisbon after a vessel from Athens arrives there.


  • The Bubonic Plague reaches Dublin. Over 16 million people have died from it so far.
  • After weakening from the Plague France falls to the Mongols, within five months Aragon, Andorra and Navarre.
  • As the Mongols descend on Rome the Pope flees to Marinid, the Arabic allies of Europe.
  • After a six month Campaign, the city of Rome falls to the Mongols.


  • Around this time the Mongols conquered the entire Arabian Peninsula.
  • By now 26 million people have died from the Bubonic Plague.
  • Castile is overrun by the Mongols after the battle of the Pyrenees. Marinid attacks the Mongols and Granada falls to the Mongols in days, a full scale of Marinid is ordered. Portugal and the Mongols sign a peace treaty as the Mongols need a foreign trade partner. 

    Hoysalas controlled land (blue) Land under annexation (red)


  • The Bubonic Plague has 64 million people in Europe and North Africa
  • The Invasion of all coastal North African countries begin by the Mongols.
  • The Paramaras are invaded by the Yadavas in OTL India


  • The South Indian Wars Begin, The Hoysalas invade the Pandyas, The Cheras and the Kayatiyas.


  • 83 million people have died in Europe from thre Black Death.

    The Empire of Mali (Purple) The Empire of Akan (Light Blue)


  • The Last lands under invasion by the Hoysalas have fallen to them.


  • The Akan Empire is founded near the Empire of Mali.


  • The Empire of Khmer launches an invasion of Dai Viet and Champa.


  • The Black Death ends in Europe after killing between 350-400 million people. The Mongols help vastly in the reconstruction efforts
  • Rebellions against Mongol rule fail in China and Korea.


  • The kingdoms of Old Bengal and New Bengal merge after the Treaty of Pagan is signed.



  • Bagan declares war on Arakan


  • Arakan is conquered


  • There is a mass famine in the Aztec Empire


  • The Makurian States, Alodia and Ethiopia join together to benefit from taxing Mongolian Exports from Giza coming through the Red Sea as the kingdom of Ethiopia.


  • The Pope returns from exile in Malta to the city of Rome which is under Mongol rule.
  • Èire invades Iceland, the countries few settlers and European refugees are unable to resist the invasion.


  • The Mongols march along the Pacific Coast into Siberia in a mapping expedition.
  • The Mongols begin bringing in Ethnic Mongolians to help with the rebuilding of Europe, in a series of settlements known as the "Mongol Plantations".


  • The Mongols land in OTL St Lawrence Island, between Russia and Alaska. 


  • The Mongols land in  OTL Nome, Alaska. They encounter Natives who seem fascinated with their technology.


  • The Mongol expedition returns to Zhongdu with the news of a new land across the water.
  • The Mongols begin expanding along the Siberian coast.


  • The Mongols send a team of over 12,000 "Planters" up along Siberia, settling along the way and then into Alaska.
  • The Natives begin fighting against the Mongol Invasion.


  • Khmer Conquers modern day Malaysia.

    Mongol Empire (dark blue) Khmer Empire (Orange) Mali (purple)

  • A Mongol Expedition reaches OTL Vancouver
  • The First Mongol-Aboriginal Wars begin


  • Khmer declares war on all of the Malay States.


  • Khmer conquers the Malay States.
  • Smallpox begins killing thousands of natives in Alaska.

circa 1505-1525

  • The Aztec Empire begins its northern expansion period.
  • News of the New World reaches Swahili Kingdoms.


  • The Mongols conquer the Aleut tribes in southern Alaska and move further south into the Alaskan Panhandle.


  • Mali sends an convoy of 18 ships into the Atlantic, hoping that the New Land can be reached that way.
  • December: The Mali convoy lands in the most East point of East Brazil.


  • The Aztec Empire has conquered most of OTL Mexico.
  • England begins its invasion Greenland.
  • Èire begins its invasion of Greenland in response to England's invasion due to the fact that Èire, with news of the New World, is focused on expansion.


  • The Mayan Empire has by now expanded into OTL Panama.
  • The Mongols name OTL Alaska Khan while the OTL North American Continent is called Kublia after Kubla'i, a Mongol leader.


  • The Scramble for Kublia begins.
  • The Akan Empire begins a series of colonies in OTL Florida, South Alabama and Georgia.
  • By now over 51% of Natives in Kublia and Asar Alkawari have died of Smallpox and the common cold.
  • The Akans begin taking the Natives as Slaves.

    The world in 1553


  • OTL South America is named Asar Alkawari. "The Promised Land" in Hausa.
  • OTL New Brunswick and OTL Quebec is settled by the Kingdom of Èire


  • England founds a colony in East Kublia
  • Due to colonization on both sides, the outline of Kublia is almost perfect but the centre of the continent is almost blank.
  • Mali's colony in Asar Alkawari spans almost the entire North Coast.
  • Despite disease, the Aztec Empire and the Incan Empire fails to collapse. 
  • The Kingdom of Japan attacks Peru but is repelled.
  • The Portuguese found two colonies in Kublia, one on OTL New Jersey and another on the Great Lakes. Both border each other. 
  • Riseofkingdoms1356


    A Mongol in Kublia discovers the cure for smallpox, he realises that cowpox, a less serious version of Smallpox, prevents smallpox. Although Cowpox has a 72% mortality rate with Natives, the survivors usually regain their strength and are resistant to smallpox. This leads to the Great Kuba'i Slave Trade.


  • The Mongols colonize the Caribbean and OTL Louisiana.
  • The Great Kuba'i Slave Trade begins


  • The Colonies in Kublia undergo an expansion
  • With most of the Native Smallpox plague over, over 68-75% of natives are presumed dead.


  • After five failed invasions of the then weakened by smallpox, now recovering Incan Empire, Japan begins colonizing the south of Asar Alkawari, easily overthrowing unorganized natives.


  • The Mongols begin their invasion of the English Colonies, relatively low populated with only 500 stationed soldiers, they are defeated withing four weeks.


  • Europe is now 20% ethnically Mongolian.


  • The Tibetans begin to rebel against the Mongols.


  • Natives in Kublia begin attacking the Mongol army due to poor treatment an the stealing of land.
  • The Mongols begin an invasion of the weakened disease ridden Aztec Empire, they team up with conquered tribes.


  • The city of Alexandria is seized by rebels.
  • Most of Eastern Europe now consider themselves Mongols.


  • The Aztec Empire Collapses, the Natives, informed they would have sovereignty by the Mongols, are back stabbed and invaded, the now war ridden land is easy to seize.


  • The Khmer Empire has conquered Australia
  • The rebellion in Tibet proved successful
  • The Mongol Empire is at its weakest as a muscle-eating parasite effecting well-built people spreads throughout Asia and recent Kabulia.

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