US troops Vietnam

US troops in Vietnam fending off a Vietnamese attack

This timeline is dedicated to Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States of America, and the ender of the Cold War.


The main reason that the US fell apart is not the single event but the result of many separate acts all starting from two separate events.

The First

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was never passed because of the Women's Rights Amendment did what it was supposed to do, kill the bill. The CRA barely failed, just ten votes away, and this would eventually cause the disintegration of the United States of America.

The Second

The CCCP's General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev realised that without reforms the CCCP's economy would begin to stagnate and that the Soviet's work force was becoming more and more "work-shy" and "working harder to not work - than ever".

Thus Brezhnev launched the Great Reform of 1970 that fundamentally changed the CCCP forever. The first was the creation of a rewards systems for higher quality/higher quantity work. The second was the lowering of the military spending of the CCCP down to only 33% of their GDP instead of nearly 50%. The money not being spent on the military was spent instead on consumer goods.

These both together greatly raised the conditions of living in the CCCP, the public support, the quality of Soviet goods, and the drive to work of many CCCP workers throughout the Soviet Union.


The year 1971 wa dominated by the dramatic rise in the standard of living for people in the Soviet Union, this was mainly because of the Great Reform of 1970 that took money from the production of heavy industries and turned nearly 17% of the GDP to the production of soft industries and consumer products, the Great Reform of 1970 also established the Nagrady system that enabled rewards for those who completed more work and better quality work.

Nineteen Seventy One also showed the dramatic increase of the acceptance of socialism in the western world as the standard of living was raised. This was most seen in the greater Chicago region, the Pacific Coast and internationally, in France and North Italy.


General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev declares that "...all the Warsaw Pact should follow the CCCP's example and establish the Great Reform of 1970 into their own nation." The Warsaw Pact quickly followed Mr. Brezhnev's word and established their own "great reforms". By the end of the month all of the Warsaw Pact, starting with Poland and ending with Czechoslovakia, passed their own versions of the Great Reforms of 1970, although there was little difference between them.

The United States and the majority of the Western World applauded the Soviet Union's reforms and many hoped this was the beginning of the end of Communism, unfortunately they were very wrong.

The 1971 March on Montgomery is led by Martin Luther King, Jr (who wasn't assassinated in ATL) is suppressed by the Southern Media and many state officers line the path where they are marching. At 1342 hours the Governor declared the march an illegal gathering and ordered the state officers to stop the march. The march is broken up with much violence and by 1427 hours the march was officially stopped. MLK successfully escaped with only a broken rib.

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