May-August 1968-2nd French Revolution ends in anarcho-syndicalist France. The People's Confederation of France is formed.

1968-All French overseas possessions declare independence.

October 1968-July 1969-The Tlatelolco Massacre occurs on October 2nd in Mexico 10 days before the Summer Olympics is supposed to be hosted in Mexico City. Encouraged by the revolution in France riots break out in Mexico. 2nd Mexican Revolution begins.

1969-Richard Nixon immediately ends the draft and begins withdrawing from Vietnam, the US is out 6 months into the year after being advised that the Vietnam War could stir up revolutionary sentiment in the U.S.

1969-In Brazilian revolutionaries kidnapp foreign diplomats, demanding imprisoned revolutionaries from the military dictatorship be released. Institutional Act Number Five is passed, dismantling Congress and revoking constitutional rights. Underground revolutionary activity increases.

February-May 1969-Italian Revolution ends in anarcho-syndicalist Italy. San Marino is integrated into the new People's Confederation of Italy, but calls to collectivize the property in the Vatican shock the world. Richard Nixon threatens to declare war and invade Italy if the Vatican is absorbed. The Italian anarchists decide to leave it alone.

September 1969-July 1974-Mexican Civil War-The transitional government breaks down in September leading to warring factions, the most prominent of which are the rightist Mexican Restoration Front, the communists, and the anarchists. The USSR and Cuba side with the communists, while France and Italy side with the anarchists. The United States does not get directly involved in the war, but does provide some financial and training assistance to the rightists. At the end of the civil war the anarchists win.

1971-N. Vietnam sacks Saigon. US troops and ambassadors evacuated from the American embassy. The Laos monarchy is overthrown by Pathet Lao rebels later that same year. Khmer Rogue sacks Phnom Penh. These events convince many Americans on the right that the domino theory was correct. COINTELPRO is also revealed, which results in a slew of protests, and increased radicalization of the left.

1972-Impeachment proceedings begin against Richard Nixon for allowing COINTELPRO to continue. Nixon resigns. Spiro T. Agnew takes the presidency, and took Nixon's former secretary of defense, Melvin Laird, as vice president after many others, including Nelson Rockefeller, declined. In the 1972 Presidential Election Spiro T. Agnew runs with Melvin Laird that year against George McGovern. Allegations of bribery while Agnew was Governor of Maryland come up and ruin his campaign. George McGovern wins in the largest landslide in history, winning every state.

1973-President George McGovern cuts military aid to the Mexican Restoration Front. The progressive presidency of George McGovern helps calm the radical demonstrators. George McGovern takes a reconciliatory attitude towards France and Italy.

1974-The Latin Revolution breaks out first in Brazil. Anarchists in Brazil receive aid from France and Italy as well as volunteers from the around the world. Communists receive aid from the Soviet Union. George McGovern declares the United States' neutrality on Brazil, but the Brazilian government receives aid from Great Britain.

1975-Revolution spills into Uruguay, as well as Guiana, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay.

1976-President McGovern declares the McGovern doctrine, which asserts that economic cooperation between non-communist nations was the best solution for fighting communism. As Nixon had never opened up trade with China trade was still cut off with them. President McGovern convinces Prime Minister James Callaghan of Great Britain to end aid for the military dictatorship in Brazil. That year McGovern runs against Ronald Reagan who disagrees with the McGovern doctrine. McGovern wins by a small margin.

1979-Anarchists win Latin Revolution.

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