• 17: Fleeing France, General De Gaulle's plane is shot down by the Luftwaffe, killing all those on board.
  • 22: France signs the armistice with Germany. Individually or in small groups, some soldiers flee France and decide to continue fighting against the axis as part of foreign armies.



French General Henri Giraud, having escaped German captivity, is recognised by the US as commander in chief of the French forces in the Maghreb under the political control of Admiral Darlan.


Admiral Darlan is assassinated by a young monarchist. Giraud takes over from him, assuming the role of military and political commander.



At a meeting in Tehran, the US and Russia decide that France will be treated as a conquered nation and not as a liberated one due to its collaboration with Germany. At Yalta, despite British intervention, its future is sealed.


  • A government under General Henri Giraud is put in place until such time as election can be called. The government is given only token areas of control the real power being held by the Allied Military Government for France (AMGF)
  • At the end of hostilities, a permanent organisation composed of the Allied Nations was devised. The Soviet Union was originally a member but its backing of various communist-inspired militia lead to it being expelled. The Soviet Union retaliated by founding its own alliance, the International Socialist Union (Mesotsoy).


Following its occupation, France's colonial empire is dismantled. Syria, Lebanon, Madagascar and the Indian concessions become British Protectorates. Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria go to the US, and Indochina is awarded full sovereignty.

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