Timeline for Red Alert

1523 AD-The Spanish invasion of the Aztecs is repulsed.

1590 AD-Spain occupies Hawaii

1776 AD-The United States declares independence from Britain.

1778 AD-The Aztecs invade loyalist territory in Britain, and smash the British at Yorktown.

1779 AD-Britain recognizes the United States.

1898 AD-The Aztec/American-Spain war results in Spain's loss of the Philippines to the Aztecs and Hawaii to the United States.

1923 AD-Hitler is killed in Munich during his attempted coup.

1925 AD-The Nazi party collapses in Germany.

1933 AD-Chancellor von Braun is elected, and starts to rebuild Germany's military in case of a Soviet invasion.

1944 AD-The USSR occupies Sweden, the Baltic States, and Poland, and the European Alliance treaty is signed.

1945 AD-End of Inca war. The United Nations is established in New York.

World War II

1947 AD-The Soviet bloc invades Europe and smashes aside the continent's defenders.

1948 AD-The Soviets have conquered all of Europe, and Soviet tanks are cruising across Britain. By the end of June 1948, Britain has fallen, and only South Ireland holds the line. In September, the Allies attempt to counterattack by retaking Liverpool and liberating Britain. They succeed in taking Liverpool, but the Soviets drop an A-bomb on the city, destroying all Allied troops and the remaining Soviets in the city.

1949 AD-Soviet troops attacking Egypt and the Middle East suffer a crippling defeat at the battle of Alexandria. In December of 1949, the Stalin Directive 94 is discovered and the Aztec Alliance, United States and Japan declare war on the Soviet bloc.

1950 AD- In May, American troops invade and liberate Iceland from the Soviets. while Soviet troops in the Middle East are driven back to Damascus. In October, Japanese-American landings in the Russian Siberia open up a second front.

1951 AD-In May, the Allies launch Operation Indigo and Operation Overlord, the invasions of Britain and France respectively. Despite initial pessimism, the attacks go well, and by the end of the year, France, Britain, Italy, and the Low Countries, as well as western Germany, are free of the Soviet army.

1952 AD-Allies continue to push the Soviets back across Germany, Central Europe, and Siberia. Arab forces reach the border with Turkey in November. However, the Soviet's counterattack in December of this year drives the Allies out of the southern Balkans.

1953 AD-Allied troops reach the Polish border with Russia in February and isolate Soviet forces in Albania in March. Allied troops advance into Sweden and Russia itself. On 25th May, Sweden and Poland surrender to Allied forces, while the first Allied troops approach Stalingrad. In the Middle-east, Arab forces liberate central Turkey and start a full drive in the Casacus. By September, Allied forces are only 50 miles from Moscow itself. Leningrad falls to advance Allied troops in November, while Anglo-French troops reach the outskirts of Moscow. By mid-December, Allied troops have taken the Kremlin, and Stalin is dead. On December 25th, the Soviet Union surrenders to Allies. End of the Second World War.

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