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1918 - Tsarevitch Alexei escapes with his mother from a Bolshevik prison. In retaliation, the rest of his family are wiped out. With nowhere else to go to, Alexei assumes command of the White army. His more competent leadership helps Russia to victory, as he demands better co-ordination among the White armies. He also puts out an order banning arms from being sold lest they fall into the hands of the Bolsheviks. Among other orders include the integration of propaganda after intercepting an agitprop train en route to Vladivostok. One example shows the Cheka and about how the communists will be no different from the Tsars, which influences the peasants.

1919 - The Whites capture and execute Leon Trotsky when his train is intercepted.


1921 - A Co-Ordinated White Army/Blue assault on the Urals cuts off Vladivostok from the Bolsheviks. By now, Lenin surrenders along with the rest of the remaining Bolshevik chain of Command (Stalin apparently fled, although he was never seen again). Tsar Alexei immediately orders their execution by firing squad. To prevent martyrdom, Alexei shows Bolshevik hoarding of grain, which turns the peasants against the communists. The youngest Romanov Tsar at 17 is crowned on August 9 1922.

The Tsar begins modernization plans, awarding contracts to oil companies to drill the oil field in the Caucasus.

1923 - The Young Tsar, heeding the advice of President Calvin Coolidge and Chang Kai Sheik, drafts a constitution for Russia with a strong Duma and Judiciary. Mikoyan Corporation is set up.

1924 - The Petrograd military academy is set up for officers. It is based on West Point Academy in the United States.

1926 - the Treaty of Prague between Russia and Czechoslovakia is signed.

1929 - The Wall street crash occurs. Russia, despite the Government's best efforts, suffers a famine leaving 2 million dead.


1933 - The Nazi party come to power in Germany under Adolf Hitler. Tsar Alexei is wary of Hitler, given the racist diatribes about "Lebensraum" and the "Herrenvolk". Russia is also wary of the Japanese coming into play, so Alexei begins talks with Franklin Roosevelt for protection from the Nazis in the Bering Strait alliance.

1934 - After Manchuria is annexed, Alexei transfers Georgy Zhukov to Russian Manchuria.

1935 - Riding a wave of new imperialism and antisemitism, Oswald Mosley is elected prime minister of Great Britain as well as help of Nazi funding and the people's suspicion of the Romanovs and fears of a "second Great Game". he ousts the Royal Family, who support their Russian cousins. The Bering Strait Alliance admits Mexico and becomes the Alliance.The T-34 tank enters mass production.

1936 - France and China join the Alliance.

1937 - Persia joins the Alliance. Germany begins to threaten Czechoslovakia over the Sudetenland. The heavy tank KV-1 enters mass production.

1938 - The Pact of Steel, or Axis, is signed by Germany, Britain, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Iraq, India, Canada and Australia. Holland joins the Alliance along with Poland. Bulagaria joins the Anti-Comintern pact with Denmark, Turkey, Romania, Hungary and Albania. Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia join the Alliance.

1939 - A Russian fleet spots an approaching Australian merchant ship and seizes it. This almost leads to a war between Russia and Australia. The T-38 tank far superior to the T-34 or any other tank in existence or planned, enters mass production to replace the T-34.


1940 - The Second Great War breaks out with a German Invasion of Czechoslovakia. Britain invades the United States with Japan. Germany and Japan begin invasions of Russia and China. Within weeks, Vladivostok is been under siege. In Europe, France has fallen after 6 months. the Russian army launches case Napoleon, the assault into eastern Germany.

1941 - Tsar Alexei orders that the Russian government evacuate to Akmolinsk under contingency 9 - to be used in the event of Petrograd or Moscow being overrun. The Alliance begins taking heavy losses, with the US Government evacuating to Fort Worth, Texas. Colonel Charles Lindbergh of the Air Force is killed when British spitfires shoot down his P40 over Oregon. Seattle has fallen. Japan has also launched an invasion of French, Dutch and American possessions in South East Asia.

1942 - Miami is shelled by HMS hood. Joint Mexican/American forces defeat the British in a Stalingrad-esque battle in St. Louis Missouri. In Russian the Borovkov B Ramjet Fighter and the BI-1 Rocket Fighter Both Enter Service.

1943 - Joint Colombia destroys the main British force at Bogota.

1944 - The Russians destroy the German attack force at Tsaritsyn. The P-80 Shooting Star goes into mass production.

1945 - The Russians begin to liberate Eastern Europe. American forces begin to retake Alaska. Vancouver has fallen. The British are being driven out of New England. In the Pacific, a Russian force invades Japanese-occupied Philippines.

1946 - Tsar Alexei dies of Haemophlia after being hit by a stray bullet. A Junta of Generals led by Marshals Timoshenko and Zhukov assume temporary control. President Franklin Roosevelt pays tribute saying "this would never have been possible without you. At the same time, the atomic bomb is completed in West Texas, while Project Tungusuka bears fruit and the worlds first atomic bomb is tested in Semipalatinsk. Tsar Vladimir I is crowned in Akmolinsk. By now, the British are driven out of the Continental United States. the Nazis launch a final offensive in Estonia. Manila falls to the Russian forces.

1947 - Shortly after Vancouver is liberated, Nuclear bombs are dropped from B36 Bombers. They all hit their destinations of Osaka, Nuremberg, and Manchester. The Second Great War is over with 130 million casualties and massive radioactive fallout. President Roosevelt meets with Tsar Vladimir I to discuss the Treaty of Mexico City. This treaty cedes the German corridor to Poland as well as breaking up the Anschluss. China got Manchuria and Korea became independent. The leaders of the Axis, Heydrich, Tojo etc. were tried in Munich where they were shot shortly afterward (Goring and Himmler shot themselves, while Tojo, Mosley and Hitler were killed in the nuclear blasts). FDR announces that after 16 years in the presidency he will NOT seek a Fifth Term. That presidency goes to George S Patton, hero of the war. Former Secretary of Defense Smedley Butler refused to run due to his age. In Alexei's memory, Akmolinsk is renamed Alexeigrad. Tsar Vladimir also restores the Kaiser. London is rebuilt, with a new Queen (Elizabeth II) being very friendly to the Romanovs. The three monarchies by now are restored, with the Romanovs now the dominant one in Europe.

1948 - Tsar Vladimir and President Elect Patton meet in Moscow to see the Eisenhower-Khrushchev plan go into effect, like the Marshall Plan OTL. This creates stable pro-Russian liberal democracies across much of Eurasia. Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and the Guyanas meet in Bogota to discuss a second Gran Colombia. Russia also begins propping up European colonies in South East Asia and Africa(possibly annexing them because their former European masters couldn't keep up with the maintenance cost of their colonies, and designating them as Russian South East Asia). The Habsburg affair takes place when America removes the Habsburgs from the Brazilian throne after Russia attempts to exert its influence in the Americas.

1948 - Statements made by Patton During the war are leaked. They have him saying that the Americans should fight the Russians, and even use German troops. This causes a massive wave of demonstration in America, saying that there has already been enough death and destruction. Patton was also recorded as saying he was disappointed that they didn't sow Montreal's fields with salt and not tearing down each building brick by brick in a "manner akin to carthage". These remarks spark off an insurgency in Canada.

1949 - Patton is sworn in as the 34th US President at noon. He has low approval ratings, mainly from his gaffe during the war, as well as suggesting that rebellious Canadian cities could share the same fate as Montreal, although he masterfully handles Reconstruction. these remarks cost the Republicans in the 50's elections. The only redeeming part of Patton's presidency is the acceleration of Desegregation, which may have led to the Democrats gains in 1950.


1950 - There are some tensions between Russia and America. The Democrats gain a majority in the House of Representatives while the Republicans barely hold on to the senate. Even so, there is a cold war-esque tension like OTL, with arms buildups, space races etc. a troop surge is approved by congress. General Omar Bradley is killed by Canadian Partisans.

1951 - The Cold War begins between America and Russia. Americans are protesting regards to the Russian annexation of the Philippines, while Australia begins to prepare itself for a possible Russian invasion.

1952 - The US presidential elections begin. Patton is defeated at the nomination stage by Thomas Dewey, who hopes to cool tensions with Russia. But he still loses to Harry S. Truman, which the NY Times famously reports as "Dewey Defeats Truman!".

1953 - Harry S Truman is sworn in as the 35th US president. in the Interim, the Democrats passed a Two Term Limit Amendment, which came into effect shortly before the elections.

1954 - Quebec is admitted into the Union. The groundwork for the FLQ is laid.

1956 - the Space Race Begins with the Russians launching the worlds first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1. Truman is reelected.

1957 - The USA gets a satellite into orbit.


1960 - John F. Kennedy is sworn in. Russia's military budget is equal to that of America. On 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human in space.

1961 - The Bay of Pigs incident takes place. This leads to the overthrow of Castro and the creation of the Republic of Cuba, which is more friendly to Washington.

1962 - The Hibernian missile crisis takes place with Nuclear missiles stationed in Ireland. Both sides back down after 20 days of brinksmanship.

1963 - Lee Harvey Oswald attempts to assassinate Kennedy, but fails and gets arrested. They find a sniper rifle on his person. But there are unproven links with the IID which nearly force Beria to resign. The Czar disavows any knowledge of the plot.

1965 - The Chile War breaks out between the US and Chile when an attempted coup against the Marxist government fails.

1967 - John F. Kennedy is assassinated by Canadian Resistance Fighters. His Brother and Vice President Robert Kennedy takes the presidency. The rumbles it causes in American society are huge, even with JFK enjoying high popularity ratings.

1968 - Donald Rumsfeld wins the elections, citing fears of a Kennedy Dynasty with his words, "this is practically an American equivalent of the Romanovs!", which kills RFK's campaign overnight. He becomes the youngest US president in American history. China announces it will join the Space race on their own. The Cold War now has a new player.

1969 - . Rumsfeld is shot at by an FLQ gunman but misses. The IRA begin deploying bombs in Ulster (which is part of Eire) in response to the UVF murdering a Catholic priest. US forces there are on high alert.


1970 - Russia gets their man on the Moon with Nikolai Androvich. Yukon is admitted into the Union. In response to draft dodgers fleeing America to Mexico, Rumsfeld signs a border security agreement with Mexican president Gustavo Ordaz that ensures cross border co-operation to prevent illegal immigration.

1971 - The Cascadian revolt begins. Congress approve troop reductions from Chile.

1972 - Rumsfeld wins the election by a thread against Strom Thurmond and Ted Kennedy.

1973 - During a Tour of Quebec, French President Charles De Gaulle proclaims "Vive Quebec! Vive Quebec Libre!" this is seen in a bad light by the US. Rumsfeld then criticizes him live on TV for the aforementioned remarks. The transatlantic rift appears to show, as France shifts towards Russia and considers EU membership.

1974 - When visiting Dublin to negotiate a peace in the Troubles, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is shot at by an IRA partisan. The Cascadian revolt is put down in Vancouver.

1975 - a terrorist group known as the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ) begins a massive uprising including bombings, robberies and attacks.

1976 - Ronald Reagan wins in a landslide against Jimmy Carter.

1977 - The OSS assassinate Idi Amin in response to a hostage crisis.

1978 - Russia and America race for another precedent: getting a man to mars. Reagan approves a bill that would expand NASA's funding. Ontario is admitted into the Union.


1980 - Reagan is elected.

1981 - Russia gets its first men on Mars, just a week ahead of the USA. Reagan is nearly shot by an FLQ gunman. This leads to a clampdown on the organization.

1982 - China gets its first Taikonaut on the Moon. British Columbia is renamed Pacifica and admitted into the Union. Mexico starts its own space program and sets the goal to put a man in orbit and then in the moon.

1983 - the Shah of Iran is overthrown, and exiled to Russia. The Tsar attempts an invasion through Iran and Afghanistan, but after increased casualty rates, is forced to withdraw. The Islamists under Khomeini seize control and begin consolidating their power.

1984 - George Bush wins the election in a landslide over Walter Mondale. Nunavut is admitted into the Union.

1985 - America starts building space stations around Earth orbit. The last major FLQ hideout is revealed and the last members are arrested. This marks the last major resistance in Canada being defeated.

1986 - Japan joins the Space Race. The EU get a man on the moon. Russia completed the "Korolev" space station, which has some nuclear arms and a basic AI. Tsar Nicholas III inspects the station himself. The OSS report that the Korolev is years ahead of America's space programme which is what leads Bush to invest more in space.

1988 - Bush is re-elected. Mexico sends a mission and puts a crew of three people in orbit.

1989 - Colombia joins the Space race.


1991 - China gets its first man on Mars.

1992 - Japan gets a man on the moon. Bill Clinton is elected president.

1993 - Columbia launches a man to orbit. Mexico gets a man on the moon using technology based on Russian, American, and Chinese designs.

1994 - Colin Powell announces his plans to run for president. Genocide breaks out in Rwanda. Russian forces under General Boldyrev puts down an attempted revolt in Chechnya. The IID install Paul Kagame in office within weeks in a near bloodless coup.

1996 - Clinton wins a second term over Powell/McCain.

1998 - Windows 98 is introduced (unlike OTL, it is more XP). The last states in Canada are admitted into the Union. By now the US has 64 states.

1999 - India joins the Space Race.


2000 - Tsar Mikhail II of Russia is crowned. John McCain wins the elections by a thread against Gore with hotly contested states of Nunavut and Florida being the decisive ground.

2001 - Terrorists bomb certain areas in New York City and Moscow. Attention turns towards Afghanistan. American F-35s and Russian Su-45s begin massive airstrikes in the Tora Bora region.

2002 - Colombia gets a man on the Moon.

2003 - America begins an invasion of Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein (a Russian appointed dictator). This is met with massive international protests.

2004 - Terrorists blow up the Reichstag in Berlin. President McCain wins a second term in a landslide over Howard Dean.

2005 - Japan gets a man on Mars. At the Same Time, Russia gets a spaceship around the asteroid belt to scan for raw materials. Gazprom claim one asteroid, which leads to Halliburton following suit. Windows 7 is released. several terrorists attempt to fly a small plane into buckingham palce but are shot down by a MiG-39. Columbia gets delayed on sending a man on Mars.

2006 - Russia gets the first permanent base on Luna, named Arkangelsk 1. Saddam Hussein is hanged on New Year's day.

2007 - India gets a man on the moon. Columbia cancells its Mars program after having failures and delays. Islamist parties begin forming in Indonesia and in Pakistan. The USA completes construction on the Goddard Space Station (GSS), which had basic nuclear countermeasures, an AI, several ICBMs (but is primarily designed to be an anti-asteroid station.) After Baghdad rebuilds and a new government is established, US, European, Russian, and Chinese troops withdraw from Iraq. Iran detonates its first nuclear bomb.

2008 - George W. Bush wins the election against Barrack Obama. Meanwhile, Israel is facing a war with the United Arab League, with Russia and America offering their full support. Joint American/Colombian forces defeat the FARC warlord Hugo Chavez in the Amazon province. On New Year's Eve, The Islamists in Central Asia secede from Russia and China forming the Republic of Turkestan. They declare Alexeigrad to be their capital and is renamed Akmolinsk again. There is an uproar when the statues of Alexei II (almost beatified in ATL Russia) are torn down by the Islamists.

2009 - The Israeli-Arab War breaks out. A massive attack from all sides converges on Israel. America say they will back Israel from invasion, while Russia carefully remain neutral. In the end, the UAR back down with the threat of nuclear attack. The United States, Russia, China and India begin an attack/invasion on Turkestan in Operation Black Eagle.

2010- Russian and Chinese forces dislodge the Turkestani forces in the Battle of Almaty. India launches its bombing raids into Turkestan and bombs Tashkent into submission.

Present day

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