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14th and Late 13th Centuries

  • 1250) Mexicans migrate to Lake Texcoco.
  • 1279) Fed up with the cruelty of Chichen Itza, the other Mayan city-states unite in an attempt to overthrow Chichen Itza. The Rebellion is put to a swift and brutal end.
  • 1302) Once again, the other Mayan city-states try to break down the power of Chichen Itza in the Rebellion of Chiapas. The rebellion gains little support and few take it seriously.
  • 1303) The Tarascan Empire is formed by the man known as Tariacuri I.
  • 1305) Tariacuri I chooses Tzintzuntzan to be the Tarascan capital.
  • 1306) The Rebellion of Chiapas expands and becomes the largest movement in the entire area.
  • 1307) The Rebellion of Chiapas is crushed. Chichen Itzans force the rebels to pay dearly.
  • 1314) Purple Cloud is born.
  • 1316) Huup Bolontiku is born.
  • 1320) Most of the areas surrounding the Tarascans are now Tarascan or are ruled by a relative of Emperor Tariacuri I.
  • 1322) The city-state of Tlaxcala is formed.
  • 1325) The Mexicans build the city of Tenochtitlan.
  • 1335) Huup Bolontiku becomes the King of the Mayan city-state Tikal.
  • 1340) Purple Cloud discovers gunpowder, and tells Bolontiku.
  • 1343) Tikal attacks Chichen Itza, in the Siege of Chichen Itza. Bolontiku is successful and is named Emperor of the Maya. Thus the Mayan Empire is born. The new emperor has Purple Cloud build a powerful navy.
  • 1344) Opochtzin acquires guns, and begins training an army of Mexican youth.
  • 1346) Opochtzin and his Mexican army lay sieges on Azcapotzalco, and Culhuacan. Both are successful and the Aztec Empire is born. Emperor Opochtzin attacks Tlaxcala but fails.
  • 1347) The Mayans launch an invasion of the islands. The Tarascans attack the Aztecs, but then call a truce.
  • 1349) Emperor Bolontiku of the Mayans dies, but the Mayans are still able to take the islands. The Tarascans become very economical.
  • 1351) The First Flower War starts when the Aztecs once again attempt to invade Tlaxcala.
  • 1352) The Tarascans intervene and join on the First Flower War on Tlaxcala's side.
  • 1354) Opochtzin dies.
  • 1355) The First Flower War ends in a Status Qo Ante Bellem.
  • 1360) Tariacuri I dies.
  • 1370) The Second Flower War starts when the Aztecs attack the Chichamecas for sacrifices.
  • 1392) The Second Flower War ends and several Chichamecan Tribes are forced to pay tribute to the Aztecs.

15th Century

  • 1400-1435) Mayan records (which were the only Meshikoun records of this time) suddenly are blank. For an unknown reason, the Mayans only start taking records when Bolontiku II ascends the throne.
  • 1435) Bolontiku II is crowned Emperor of the Mayans.
  • 1440) Moctezuma I is crowned Emperor of the Aztecs.
  • 1447) Several Crewman of the Mayan Royal Navy falsely claim that they have discovered a strange land across the Atlantic.
  • 1448) First successful Mayan expedition across the Atlantic ocean. The Mayans start there campaign against the Wattasids.
  • 1449) Abdalhaqq II commits suicide. The Mayans annex Morocco. The First Moroccan Jihad starts, but fails.
  • 1452) The Kingdom of Portugal is formed.
  • 1458) Emperor Moctezuma creates the Aztec Navy.
  • 1459) The New Aztec Navy is launched heading for Aztlan. However the Mayans try to stop them, but only alter their course to Yakkamuka. Aztec colonies are started in Yakkamuka.
  • 1464) The Kingdom of Spain is formed.
  • 1469) The Aztec Emperor Moctezuma I dies. Axayacatl I becomes the new Emperor.
  • 1470) Spain and Portugal embark on a joint invasion of Southern France.
  • 1473) The Aztecs launch ships headed for Europa.
  • 1475) The Second Moroccan Jihad is launched. The Mayans create a cure for most of the Eastern Hemisphere diseases, and in return for giving it to them, the Aztecs help the Mayans against the Muslims.
  • 1482) Spain and Portugal are invaded by the Aztecs.

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