• ~1350: The first person is infected by Pukayana.
  • ~1352: Healing techniques begin to develop in the affected regions (Andes)
  • ~1367: All time low for New World population for several hundred years, with nearly 50% of the population of the entire continent dying.
  • ~1370: Pukayana reaches OTL Canada.
  • ~1390: Healing techniques start to become perfected, the New World population growth starts to increase much faster.


  • 1400: By this time, most New World civilizations have invested lots of money into sanitation. For example, the Aztecs have implemented advanced sewer systems into their largest cities.
  • ~1440: New World population finally reaches back to old levels.
  • 1463: The Aztecs defeat the Tlaxcala due to having a higher population in this timeline. The Aztec Empire's growth is faster than in OTL. In addition, warfare was majorly deritualized due to the desperateness of many civilizations.
  • ~1470: Another wave of Pukayana rocks the New World, but with only 20% of the population being killed off.
  • 1481: Four more tribes join the Iroquois Confederacy. They are the Erie, Susquehanna, Delaware, and Mahican. The joining of these tribes triples the land area of the Iroquois.
  • 1490: By this time, several powerful native civilizations have overcame and annexed smaller, greatly weakened tribes and consolidated their lands.
  • 1492: Christopher Columbus reaches the New World. Before he can sail back, the Ciguayos manage to sabotage and severely damage the Niña, although the Pinta remains intact enough to sail. Columbus and a few members of his crew escape, but a storm in the Atlantic finishes the Pinta, sinking it.
  • 1493: The rulers of Spain, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand declare that Columbus has died.
  • 1498: During the second Battle of the Maule, the Inca decisively defeat the Purumaucas and their allies. The southward expansion of the Incan empire resumes, although there is no expansion of the north side.



  • ~1500: By this time, a confederation has been established in the Amazon, encompassing about 40% of OTL Brazil and some parts of OTL Venezuela and the Guyanas. The leading tribe is the Tupi, which have abolished cannibalism.
  • 1502: Montauk and Wappinger tribes join the Iroquois Confederacy, giving the Iroquois access to the coast.
  • 1509: Tlapanec are defeated and annexed into the Aztec Empire.


  • 1513: The Incan Empire, having stopped their southward invasion (expanding about 800 km farther south of OTL greatest extent), begins to conquer farther east into OTL western Brazil and Bolivia. The Incans are still separated from the Amazon Confederation by approximately 1000 km.
  • 1519: Iroquois invade OTL South Ontario and Michigan in the Algonquin War.


  • ~1520: By this point, Portugal has monopolized Indonesia and became the world leader in the spice trade.
  • 1526: Algonquin War is concluded with the victory of the Iroquois and annexation of much Algonquin territory into the Iroquois Confederacy.


  • ~1530: Incans defeat native tribes in the area east of the Andes and consolidate their gains.
  • 1534: A French explorer, Jacques Cartier, sails west to look for possible spices in a land west of Europe. While there, he encounters the Mi'kmaq people during a stop on Prince Edward Island. They trade some things while Cartier leaves with the good news to France.
  • 1535: Several French explorers arrive in OTL North America, called Cartieria by the French and several different names by the natives.
  • 1536-1540: Several explorers of several European nationalities land in the Americas. About one third do not return. The Caribbean is discovered by Portugal.
  • 1538: After several exchanges between Europe and OTL North America, Pukayana starts to appear in Europe.
  • 1539: Smallpox appears in OTL Native America.


  • 1543: France established contact with the Iroquois.
  • ~1545: By this time several hundred thousand people have been killed across the world by Pukayana and Smallpox, reducing the world population to 70% of its former size.
  • 1546: More conclusive victory in the Italian War of 1542-1546, with the Holy Roman Empire and England indecisively defeating France and the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1547: The Russian Empire is put under Ivan IV's rule.
  • 1549: Coatl Nochehuatl takes control of Azteka, the successor state of the Aztec Empire.


  • ~1550: Albeit with nearly 40% less population, European countries remain approximately the same as today.
  • 1550: England sets up a colony in OTL Maine. Trade with the Iroquois begins shortly after.
  • 1553: The Amazon Confederation, after decades of expanding west, reaches the Madeira River.
  • 1555: The Aztecs reach OTL Nicaragua under Nochehuatl. Trade routes are established after contact with Incala.
  • 1558: Livonian War starts, with a stronger Russia than OTL.


  • 1561: Portugal sets up a colony in the Caribbean, on OTL Cuba.
  • 1563-1569: Several victories are won on the
  • 1564: A Spanish colony is established on OTL Hispaniola. Further along, the island will be known as Haiti.
  • 1565: Portugal discovers Australia. A small colony is established about 100 km southwest of OTL Darwin.
  • 1568-1564: The Netherlands gain independence in a much shorter war than OTL Eighty Years' War.


  • 1570: The Livonian War ends with Livonia remaining independent, albeit with major Russian aid.
  • ~1575: Portugal begins establishing more colonies in Australia.
  • 1577: France established a colony approximately at OTL Savannah, Georgia. This establishes European contact with Alidinuwadoe, a union of the Cherokee, Seminole ancestors, Creek, and nearby smaller tribes.


  • 1580-1582: War of the Portuguese Succession: Decisive Portuguese victory, with aid from France (but not England as in OTL). Spain weakens further from the failed war effort.
  • 1583-1584: First Catalan War: The OTL Catalan Revolt happens earlier, and Catalonia successfully breaks away from Spain. After a brief conflict, Catalonia retains independence with aid from Portugal and France.
  • 1588-1593: First Amazon War: Incala pushes back the Amazon Confederation to the Madeira and Purus Rivers.
  • 1589: Spain continues to lose strength. The colony on Haiti is abandoned due to the unavailability of aid from Spain.


  • 1590-1602: The Iroquois expand above the St. Lawrence River, reaching the southernmost part of the James Bay, and absorbing much of OTL Ontario and Quebec.
  • 1593: The Netherlands (roughly OTL Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg) begins trading operations in India, competing with Portugal.
  • 1598: Incan settlement of Patagonia begins.



  • 1602: Dutch-Portuguese War does not happen.

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