1929 The depression hits America hard and as in Germany extremist groups become popular.

1930 The AFWP (American Fascist Workers Party) is formed and Fritz Kuhn is made its leader. Within three months its membership reaches 40,000.

1931 Backed by Mussolini's Italy the AFWP establishes its base at Atlanta, membership increases to 100,000.

1933 More backing from Italy comes and the AFWP and the KKK announce a political coalition, the AFA (American Fascist alliance).

1934 President Roosevelt dies of a fatal heart attack. John Garner becomes President. AFA enters the United states as a political party. AFWP membership reaches 500,000.


January President Garner calls an early election. AFA comes to power and Kuhn becomes president. As soon as he is elected Kuhn immediately begins reorganising the system of government. He bans Jazz music and basketball.

February President Kuhn abolishes congress and the senate. Instead there is to be a Fascist Grand Council and Party Officials to govern each state. There is to be a three-party system, AFWP the Confederate Party and the USFP (US Fascist party). The Kuhn Youth are set up and Fascist Militia ruthlessly put down any kind of uprising.

March National service is introduced and Kuhn is made Führer.

June America invades Mexico.

July The 3rd army commanded by General MacArthur captures Mexico city and within a week Mexico surrenders.

August Kuhn renames the USA the UFSA and invades Guatemala.

October Kuhn orders all Jews to leave the country.

December Almost 1,000,000 Jews have already left the UFSA when Kuhn orders the Fascist Militia to shoot any Jew on the spot.





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