Wenceslaus III as he is in Zbraslav Chronicles.

This is a timeline of Premyslid Bohemia.

14 th Century

Henry's Plans

  • September 29, 1306: Henry who was angry at him not becoming a king tried to make connection Wladyslaw I the Elbow-High who wanted to make Poland whole once again under his rule.
  • November 13, 1306: The two end up as brothers in peace and war. Henry later that day made Wenceslaus believe that Wladyslaw started to make war plans at him, though Wenceslaus III did go with his army to win Poland back - that was the reason for him being at Olomouc on August 4 and with help of Henry VII of Luxembourg.
  • Bohemia in 1301

    Bohemia in 1300, Hungary was lost in 1305.

    November 14, 1306:
    Wenceslaus, believing in war plans against Bohemian Kingdom, started a war against Poland, war brothers began a war, wife of Henry Anne of Bohemia ran away and tried to stop a war, but Henry killed her and blamed it on Wladyslaw how had no
  • Henry of Carinthia

    Seal of Henry of Carinthia.

    idea of Henry's plans.

Poland - Bohemia War

  • November 15, 1306: Wladyslaw didn't expect a thing and half of Poland was occupied before 11 P.M. and rather ran away to Polish Pomerelia before Wenceslaus III got to Warsaw.
  • November 16 - November 29, 1306: Poland and Bohemia united into Empire of Greater Bohemia and Poland and Wenceslaus is given him partial autonomy by other kings from Holy Roman Empire.

Great Empire

Bohemia and Poland in 1305

Bohemia and Poland in 1305 and first 10 months of 1306.

  • September 6, 1307: With her wife Viola of Cieszyn he had his first son Premysl, later known as Premysl Otakar III of Bohemia. He came into Henry second plans that very day, since Henry never attacked Bohemia and Wladyslaw was killed on November 23, 1306, Wenceslaus still believed him, as uncle of Premysl he believed him as well.
  • Bohemia in 1307

    Empire of Greater Bohemia and Poland in 1307.

    September 6, 1313:
    At age of six Henry started to made Premysl into his puppet. In addition, on this very day Borivoj III was born and he began to be in Henry's plans as well.
  • January 28, 1315: Conrad of Botenštejn was already in prison for eight and a half years, when he ran away and tried to finish his dirty work and he succeeded on February 7.

Henry the Worst

  • February 3 - February 28, 1315: Many Bohemians disliked Henry and tried to put young Premysl on the throne, that was forbidden as he was only eight, then they tried to put Nicholas I of Bohemia on the throne. That was also forbidden as him being from illegitimate descendant of Premysl Otakar II.
    Carinthia in Today's Austria

    Carinthia in darker Brown was united with Bohemia even until the death of Borivoj VII.

  • March 1, 1315: Henry made himself king of Bohemia and married Adelheid of Brunswick (his wife in our timeline as well). This made her Adelheid of Great Bohemia and Poland. Conrad of Botenštejn escaped Bohemians and became friend to Henry, he however, was hater (this is explained on page Poland-Bohemia War) of kings and tried to became ruler himself.
  • April 10, 1315: As if history repeated it self Conrad became second Zavis of Falkstejn, who also tried to juse widowed wife of king whose children or any other how had connection to throne were too young, he murdered Henry and on May 3 married Adelheid.

Conrad the Short-Leg and Premyslid rule

John of Luxemburg

John the Blind depicted as King of Bohemia in our timeline.

  • May 3, 1315 - September 6, 1326: Conrad wasn't worst emperor but was as selfish as it could get, he was father of one daughter Margaret (this is only coincidence, it is not Margaret from our timeline, daughter of Henry). Behind the scenes was however important player John the Blind, who would became king of Bohemia in our timeline, he told Premysl everything and Premysl became his puppet instead.

Philip VI, last king of France.

  • September 6, 1326: Premyslids became rightful rulers and got to be very important ruled, they finally united Bohemia and Poland into big empire and became a super power. Afraid rulers of Castile, Aragon and Italy rather became a friend in war and peace.
  • January 17, 1328: Louis IV of Bavaria becomes a Holy Roman Emperor.

15th Century

French and Byzantine Conflicts

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War of Europe and the Russian League

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