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4000 B.C.E

  • 4000 B.C.E- In Africa around the Congo River a smalll civilization of stone huts emerge they surround a larger castle. The civilization is known as the Congo Civilization. At about the same time a civilization around OTL St. Louis emerges. This early civilization forms the first city known as Agreti.
  • 3500 B.C.E- In Scandinavia around Lake Inari a group of people known as the Vaarun civilization set up the city of Aarun.
  • 3425 B.C.E- In the Amazon the Amazonian kingdom/City-States emerge and begin to create the western worlds first form of writing. This writing is known as Cyphir. At the same time a civilization begins to make itself distinguishable in Southeast Asia. This civilzation begins the construction of pyramid like towns and constructs the Gynier Pyramid.
  • 3350 B.C.E- In Ireland irrigation begins. Large farm towns are made that come together to form the city-state of Gael. Similar happens in the Atlas mountains. In the early Sahara desert, during the times of a green Sahara Desert, a small very advanced Harak civilization forms. A large metropolis of 30,000 people comes around the Saharan city of Orish, the capital of the Harak Civilization.
  • 3275 B.C.E- In OTL Lousiana a city-state known as the Fillith city emerges. In Zian of Southeast Asia a new accumulation of people emerge. In the OTL Terra Del Fuego a small city-state of Mojon is formed. The Harak Kingom expands.

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