0 BNT (125 BC) – 0 ANA (0 AD)

0 BNT - A baby is born on the island of Corsica, his name is Nossidous. Meanwhile, the world is calming down, wars are lessening, Italia and Britannia have made peace after a long war. Nossidous grows up and leaves for Macedon. There, he babbles about being talked to by two gods. At first, no one believes him, but after a multitude of "miracles", he gains followers. He writes a book called the Duostis, giving laws passed down by the two gods. Then one day, while he is preaching, he mysteriously disappears. They say that was him ascending to be the third god, and Trestiussim is born. Soon after though, Macedon and Italia get into a bloody war. After four years of countless fighting, the Italians believe they see Nossidous and then get propelled to have a victory. The island of Crete is given to Italia, and it is called Nossidiusia and Trestiussisim spreads to Italia.

1 ANA – 100 ANA

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