In Pandora's box both Nazi Germany and the United States develop the atomic bomb in the 1930s and engage in small scale nuclear attacks.

The pivotal historical moment is the Coincidental Nuclear Strike from both Germany on the US and US onto Germany which creates huge differences from the OTL.

Pandora's Box is opened


  • Following rumors of the Superman Project and the advice of the Einstein–Szilárd letter, the US creates the Manhattan Project to combat Nazi development.


  • Germany launches a nuclear strike onto the Soviet side of Occupied Poland and declares the test a huge success.
  • Franklin Roosevelt extends funding and resources for the Manhattan Project enabling the US to create the Hydrogen Bomb.
  • The United States tests the "Fat man" atomic bomb on Italy to try and deter the Germans from using it on any Allied power.


  • In a last ditch effort to win the war, Germany sent a bomber plane filled with an atomic bomb to attack New York
  • Hearing news of this, the US sent a similar plane to [[attack New York|attack Berlin]]
  • The two events coincide to create a near simultaneous nuclear bombing of Berlin and New York.

A New Ethical Order

The shock of nuclear war has resulted in a new era of peace and economic development unseen before.


  • The Eisenhower Administration scraps plans to overthrow the democratic government of Iran.
  • The Bretton Woods System is eventually signed which puts heavy emphasis on peaceful development and economic protectionism.
  • The US brokers a peace treaty for Korea creating the Korean Confederation between the communist North Korea and western South Korea.


  • The Vietnam elections of 1956 take place resulting in a landslide victory for Ho Chi Minh.
  • The Soviet Union has a major split with the Vietnamese government which would eventually result in the Soviet-Vietnam War.

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