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November 5 - DeWitt Clinton defeats James Madison the 1812 United States election.

November 10 - The British General election sees victory for the Tory party under  Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool.

December 29 - War of 1812: The British ship HMS Java is defeated off the Brazilian coast by USS Constitution.


Febraury 11 - War of 1812: Beginning of the construction of Fort Meigis in Ohio. It is put under the control of General William Henry Harrison with Major Amos Stoddard commander of the artillery. 

March 4 - DeWitt Clinton is sworn in as 5th president of the United States of American, succeeding James Madison.

May 29 - Mexican War of Independence: Battle of Rosillo Creek - Republican forces defeat the Spanish Royalist forces in modern day Rosillo Creek.

April 27 - War of 1812: Battle of York - United States forces destroy and loot, but do not hold York, the capital of Upper Canada.

May 27 - War of 1812: American forces occupy Fort George in Canada.

June 6 - War of 1812: Battle of Stoney Creek - British forces numbering to 700 under John Vincent defeat an American force 3 times its size under William Winder and John Chandler.

July - War of 1812: Second siege of Meigis begins. 

July 5 - War of 1812: The beginning of the three-week sieges of  Fort SchlosserBlack Rock and Plattsburgh.

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