This is the timeline of the Ottoman World Alternate History.

16th century

Terkep 1552

The world in 1552.

1552 - The Ottoman-Habsburg War starts with the offensive of the Ottoman Empire. The two turkish armies conquer the forts of Drégely, Lippa and Szolnok. The Habsburg-Hungarian army tries to destroy the Ottomans' in the Battle of Palást, but they fall. On 9 September Ahmed and Ali pasha start the siege of Eger. In October they start an assault, and take the fort. In the next months they conquer Northeast Hungary. 1553
002 pestplain

Battle of Pest.

- Suleiman I, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire leads a campaign against Bratislava. On 10 May he starts the long siege, which ends in July. During the war in Hungary, emperor Ferdinand organizes an army of 43,000 troops, and tries to reconquest Hungary. In October he broke into the Ottoman lands, and pillage their Hungarian territories. On 11 December he tries to reconquer Buda, but Suleiman destroys his armies in the battle on the Plains of Pest.
003 ruinsofgraz

The ruins of Graz today.

1554 -
Suleiman conquers Vienna in March. Ferdinand escapes to Graz in secret, but Ottoman spies discover him. The sultan moves his army under Graz, and starts the siege. Ferdinand I send a sue for a piece to Ottomans, but they reduce it, and continue the attack. Finally, on 24 August an Ottoman cannon ball hits the main tower, and it collapses. Ferdinand I dies in the accident, and the garrison of the fort surrenders.

1555 - Ottomans take the control over Austria. Meanwhile the rulers of Western Europe declare war on the Habsburg Empire, to get the throne. The succession war broke out in March on account of France. Henrik II, the king was already in war with Habsburgs, but now he claimed the throne.

1556 - The Habsburg Empire is slowly collapsing. Netherlands declares independence, Naples, Spain and other Habsburg countries start rebelling against the regime.

1558 - The Ottomans meet a raiding French army near Salzburg. They attack them in the Battle of Golsau. On 18 May Henrik declares war on Ottomans.

1559 - Some nationalist rise up in the Holy Roman Empire. The rebellion starts in March, and in August it becomes to the Holy Civil War. The empire call Europe to arms, but the forces of the high-powers are in Austria. Only the english ruler helps him.

1560 - The crushed Habsburg family starts Peace negotiations. The sultan offers Bécs for the event, and the rulers accept it. The Peace of Vienna contained the following:

  • The Ottoman Empire takes the eastern part of Austria and whole Hungary
  • France takes Luxembourg, Franché Comte, and Lombardy.
  • The states in the Holy Roman Empire, Spain, Naples, Sicily, Netherlands and the other Habsburg-controlled states declare independence.

1563 - The Chinese Ming Empire conquers Korea. The Japanese Empire starts a war with Ming to destroy their fleet. Netherlands starts the colonisation of Indonesia. Ottomans organise provinces in Hungary and the newly acquired territories.

1565 - Ottoman missionaries try to convert the new countries' faith to Islam. Suleiman dies. The new ruler is Selim II, Suleiman's son.

1570 - England starts a war against Scotland. In November they start the sieges of Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Scottish army attack the English in the Battle of Coatbridge. England wins.

1571 - Spain declares war on Zapotec. The English army continues the campaign in Scotland. They conquer Edinburgh in February and Glasgow in March. After theese two victories they attack the northern part of the country.

1572 - Portugal declares war on Delhi to conquer India. England joins to the war in February, to conquer the eastern coast. During the war in India, they continue the fight against the Scottish army, and the peasant armies. On 7 October the English army wins in the Battle of Aberdeen, but the defeated army escapes to the wild. The queen commands the chasing of the Army and at the same time she sends an army and a fleet, to conquer Ness, and the Scottish islands.

1573 - Delhi allies with the other Indian countries to repel the Portuguese.

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