November 22, 1963

John F. Kennedy is not assassinated in Dealey Plaza, but Governor John Connally is. An investigation yields inconclusive results, with Lee Harvey Oswald being killed by Jack Ruby shortly after his arrest.


Spacelab is re-christened Space Station Freedom, and external space-based radar dishes are affixed.

Secondary space stations were created for additional space monitoring of US military targets.


The USSR launches their own space stations in competition.


The US Legislature expands the range of the Air Force, allocated funding for the Interceptor program, an intercontinental bombing and reconnaissance craft.


US reconnaissance stations discover Russian construction of Okhotnik or Hunter ships, the USSR counterpart to the US's Interceptors.


The Interceptor Crisis nearly brings the world to annihilation.


The Space Treaty between the USSR and USA is signed in Paris, as a direct result of the tensions of the Interceptor Crisis.


Russians establishes the first permanent presence on the Moon at Lunagrad (Лунаг​рад), near the South Pole.
Russian-moon base Lunagrad

Photograph of Lunagrad taken in 1988


The fifth US base is established near Tranquility Base, from the Apollo lunar landing. The other four bases are near the North Pole.


French, British, Israeli, Chinese, and Indian bases are established around the Moon.


John F. Kennedy dies at the age of 86 in the Kennedy Compound at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts
Old JFK 2

John F Kennedy shortly before his death in 2003


Outpost Hubble is created on the Lunar farside as a deep-space observatory.

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