• The United States of America officially join the League of Nations.


  • A dispute arises between Yugoslavia and Italy regarding ownership of the port of Fiume.
  • A dispute arises between Poland and Czechoslovakia regarding ownership of the town of Teschen.


  • A dispute arise between Poland and Lithuania regarding ownership of the town of Vilna.
  • Beginning of the Russian Civil War.



  • Deployment of troops under a league mandate to stabilise the situation in the Irish Free State. The League of Nations purposefully avoid sending troops from the British Empire to prevent perceived conflicts of interest.


  • The disputed area of Vilna and its surrounding area becomes a Polish-Lithuanian condominium. Its independence is ensured by a joint Franco-British army detachment.


  • following the elections in the Irish Free State, the league's troops join with the national army to disarm the pro-republican IRA.


  • After non-payment by Germany of reparation, France and Belgium threaten invasion of the Ruhr region. A league of Nation committee manage to convince the two later countries to accept a plan whereby Germany will give smaller payments over a longer period of time.
  • A mixed nationality survey team is sent to the disputed area between Albania and Greece to settle the border. Corfu is granted to Greece.


  • Japan invades the whole of Manchuria in retaliation for alleged sabotage by Chinese nationalists of the Japanese-controlled railway line. After Chinese protests, the League threatens economical sanctions against Japan. Not wanting to lose its major trading partner at the time (the USA), Japanese troops withdraw.
  • The Chaco boreal region of South America becomes a demilitarized international zone, with preferential access to the Paraguay river given to Paraguay and Bolivia. The need for a long-term armed League presence in the region would eventually lead to the creation of the League's Peacegivers Corps.
  • Beginning of the conference on disarmament. It conclude five years later with an agreement to phase out certain weapons deemed to be of a strictly offensive nature (such as mustard gas and flamethrower).


  • Peacegivers are sent to patrol the sea around the Iberian peninsula to prevent foreign intervention.

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