16th Century

1581- The Spanish lose their final position in Holland and are kicked out, Prince William of Orange is extremely popular and many call him to be their King, though he refuses at first he finally accepts, he is crowned "King of the Dutch" in Amsterdam on April 27th, 1581.

August 9th, 1581- King William leads his forces to The Hague to overthrow Spanish rule.

September 1st, 1581- After almost a month of besieging The Hague the King decides to attack, the run down Spanish are quickly defeated.

November 1st, 1581- Securing The Hague and its surrounding towns, King William orders his troops into Flanders.

November 6th, 1581- Hundreds of Dutch soldiers are slaughtered during the Battle of Antwerp. The King is forced back.

17th Century

18th Century

19th Century

20th Century

21st Century

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