This is the timeline for the alternate history "One Nation, Under God".


July 4th- Lee wins a decisive victory at the Battle of Gettysburg, moves on toward Philadelphia.

July 7th- Lee moves toward Washington D.C. as ordered.

August 27th- The Confederate States of America is recognized by the United States, the War of Independence (or the War of Southern Secession, as it is known in the North) ends.


August 19th- Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Sequoyah secede from the Confederacy to form the Republic of Texas.


September 7th- Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina secede from the Confederacy to form The Commonwealth States of America, the First Confederate War begins.

September 10th- South Carolina secedes from the Confederate States of America to form an independent republic; only Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida remain.

December 24th- The Commonwealth States of America are recognized by the CSA; the First Confederate War ends


Deseret secedes from the Union; as a result, Mexico seizes the remainder of the New Mexico Territory


California and Oregon secede from the Union.


The Republic of California seizes the remainder of OTL Washington State. This does not result in war because the overstretched United States is not prepared militarily to fight for such an outlying territory.


The Republic of Idaho secedes from the Union. Despite their having no military authority whatsoever, the overstretched United States grants them independence without a fight.


Maine and New Hampshire secede from the Union to form The Republic of Maine (commonly known as Maine).


Vermont secedes from the Union and joins Maine.

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