• 1900: 2nd Boer War rages, William McKinley reelected as president of the US, assassination of Umberto I of Italy, Edmund Hitler survives the measles
  • 1901: Crowning of Edward VII of the UK, Assassination of William McKinley, Boxer Rebellion ends
  • 1902: 2nd Boer War and Philippine-American end, Cuba gains independence, Venezuela Crisis
  • 1903: First heavier-than-air flight, Herero and Namaqua Genocide in German South-West Africa, founding of the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, Pius X becomes Pope
  • 1904: Signing of the Entente Cordiale, Russo-Japanese War starts, completion of the Trans-Siberian Railway
  • 1905: Russo-Japanese War ends, Russian Revolution of 1905, Relativity Theory proposed, dissolution of Sweden-Norway
  • 1906: Death of Paul Cezanne, earthquakes in San Francisco, USA and Valparaiso, Chile, end of the Dreyfus Affair
  • 1907: Peasant's Revolt in Romania, Japan-Korea Treaty of 1907 signed, first women in government in Finland, Adolf Hitler gets accepted in the academy for architecture in Vienna
  • 1908: Tugunska incident, Young Turk Revolution in the Ottoman Empire, 1908 Messina Earthquake, Bosnian Crisis starts, Bulgaria gains independence
  • 1909: Bosnian Crisis ends, Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909 and Jiandao Treaty signed, failed assassination attempt on Hirobumi Ito
  • 1910: Mexican Revolution begins, Crowning of George V of the UK, Union of South Africa created, deaths of Leo Tolstoy and Mark Twain, Korea is not annexed by Japan and keeps its status as protectorate
  • 1911: Xinhai Revolution begins in China, Roald Amundsen reaches the South Pole, Italo-Turkish War starts, Hirobumi Ito becomes again Prime Minister of Japan
  • 1912: Sinking of the Titanic, First Balkan War, Woodrow Wilson is elected president of America, founding of the Kuomintang
  • 1913: Ottoman Coup of 1913, Second Balkan War, Treaty of London signed
  • 1914: Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, WW1 starts, Benedict XV becomes Pope, Panama Canal opens
  • 1915: Armenian Genocide starts, German submarine sinks a US supply ship, USA joins the war on the Entente side
  • 1916: Assassination of Grigori Rasputin, Easter Rising in Ireland, David Lloyd George reelected as prime minister of the UK, Warlord Era in China begins, Entente advance in Rheinland
  • 1917: Russian Revolution ends the Russian Empire, Treaty of Brest-Litovsk is signed, Ukrainian-Soviet war starts, Poland gets independence

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