A timeline about a history in which Adolf Hitler leaves Germany for America.


  • Adolf Hitler leaves for America, disgusted at the state of the new Germany.
  • Wolfgang Rolf Hassler, a skilled orator in a country who doesn't need them much, becomes an educational officer in Munich.


  • Hitler arrives in New York City and decides to head for Milwaukee, a favorite of some German radicals.
  • Hassler joins the German Workers' Party on September 12. Following an argument with a guest, Anton Drexler is impressed by Hassler's oratory skills and invites him to become a member. Hassler accepts.


  • Hitler leaves politics to become a small-time artist.
  • Hassler leads the Beer Hall Putsch on November 8-9, which ultimately fails. He is imprisoned and put on trial for treason, gaining international attention. He uses the time to write his autobiography Mein Kampf.


  • Hitler becomes an illustrator for a science fiction publication. His first work is of a man stranded on the moon.


  • President Paul von Hindenburg appoints Hassler as Chancellor of the Weimar Republic.


  • The Reichstag building is set on fire. Hassler blames the Communists.
  • Hitler creates a painting about the event, titled The Fire in the Reichstag.


  • Hassler becomes the Führer.


  • Germany invades Poland. The Second World War begins.


  • Aside from being an illustrator, Hitler applies for a job as Charlie Chaplin's double. He is accepted, and gets to see The Great Dictator for free. He recognizes it as a satire on Hassler.


  • With the Soviets surrounding Berlin, Hassler commits suicide.
  • Hitler is married to Eve Brown (not to be confused with Eva Braun).
  • Hitler writes an essay titled I Almost Started the War, stating that because of his similarities with Hassler, it was very possible that he, had he not come to America, would have become the leader of the now hated Nazis.


  • Hildegard Hitler is born.


  • Helmut Hitler is born.


  • With the impending decolonization of Africa, Hitler begins working on a novel about a cpuntry recently recovered from colonialism.
  • Robert Hitler is born.


  • Ten years and seven drafts later, Hitler publishes his alternate history novel German Southwest Africa, a novel about newly elected president Franz Hoffmann in the aforementioned former colony, who had to deal with his rapidly deteriorating country. It is received positively by critics, especially his positive protrayal of the female Vice President Sabine von Ruhr.


  • Hitler dies in his sleep. He was 73.


  • A film adaptation of German Southwest Africa is released in Germany. It is directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel and stars Bruno Ganz as Franz Hoffmann, Alexandra Maria Lara as Sabine von Ruhr, and Thomas Kretschmann as Field Marshal Ernst-Wolfgang Dengler.


  • A segment from GSWA, in which Hoffmann rants angrily at his subordinates for not instituting his reforms, becomes popular in the Internet after someone posted the scene with subtitles in which it appears that Hoffmann is angry from being banned from Xbox Live.


  • The parodies are now proliferating all over Youtube and the Internet.


  • Constantin Films, the studio that released GSWA, begins ordering Youtube to take down the Southwest Africa Parodies. Months later, seeing the futility of the task, Constantin stops removing the videos and instead places ads on them.
  • Robert Hitler tells the press that his father would have been very surprised of the fame that his book was now receiving, and that he would probably laugh aloud if he saw one of the Southwest Africa parodies.

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