Timeline for Nuclear Realisation


August 2nd: Einstein sends the "Einstein-Szilárd" letter. Unlike his previous letters, this one reversed his position from support to disapproval.


?: Greenpeace is founded by Edgar Taylor.


December: In coordination with the Office of Scientific Research and Development opening, Einstein and Edgar Taylor, alongside many Greenpeace activists bomb several bases and scientific research facilities in an attempt to delay Nuclear Weapon technology.


February: A Greenpeace safe house is raided by Federal Investigators. The contents included enough evidence to convict all suspects of Treason at a time of War.

May 16th: Einstein, Edgar and the others captured relating to the attacks have their death sentence carried out.


August 10th: D-Day Operation begins.


May 3rd: Battle of Berlin ends, Soviets occupy most of Germany.


February 11th: Imperial Japan surrenders and the Allied occupation of Japan begins.


?: Korean War starts.


?: Korean War ends, country is permanently split into two along the demilitarised line around the 37th parallel.


?: Vietnam War starts.


?: Imperial Japan politically forces all Allied nations occupying Japan to sign disengagement plans which are carried out and finished within the year.


?: Vietnam War ends, Communist win.


?: Afghanistan War starts.


?: Afghanistan War ends, Soviet-leaning Government installed but not fully recognised.

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