1916- Wallis Simpson is killed in an car accident.

1925- Edward, Prince of Wales, marries Margaret Phillips, a woman of noble blood.

1927- Edward and Margaret have there first child, a boy who is named Henry, after Edward's brother.

1933- Prince Edward becomes friendly with Germany's new leader, Adolf Hitler.

1936- King George V dies, he is succeeded by his son as King Edward VIII.

1939- Germany invades Poland and France declares war on Germany, Britain stays neutral due to an friendly relationship the British royal family and the Führer.

1940- France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Scandinavia fall to Germany.

1941- Germany invades Russia. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.

1942- Germany captures Stalingrad in Russia, Japanese forces are slowly losing and Italy now has control of most of former French colonies in Africa.

1943- German forces march into Moscow, Joseph Stalin is captured and executed. Germany starts to help Japan.

1944- German, Japaneses and Italian forces occupy Hawaii. Axis land on mainland American soil a month later.

1945- American forces slowly lose ground as they are pushed eastword.

1946- After a lengthy battle for Washington DC the American forces surrender. End of World war 2.

1947- The Berlin treaty is signed, most countries which Germany has conquered will become partly independent again but most answer to Germany.

1950- The Atomic Bomb is created by Nazi scientists, Hitler says the terrible weapon should only be used of absolutely needed.

1952- The Fühere palace is completed in Berlin, it is the home of the Fühere of Germany and his family.

1958- Last stage of the final solution is completed, Jews in Europe, America and Asia are extinct.

1960- Prime Minister Harold Macmillan of Britain is assassinated, he is succeed by pro-nazi Charles Fitzroy. He allies Britain with Germany.

1961- The first concentration camps are created in Britain, Jews are silently killed.

1968- Fühere Adolf Hitler dies at the age of 78, he is succeeded by Heinrich Steiner.

1969- The troubles start in Northern Ireland.

1972- King Edward VIII dies, he is succeeded by his son as King Henry IX.

1974- The Final solution in Britain is complete, Jews are now extinct in the United Kingdom.

1975- With the help of France and Germany, Britain invades the Republic of Ireland.

1978- After three years of fighting Ireland collapses in and surrenders to Britain, Britain also promises to be fairer to the Irish, concentration camps are set up in the former Republic of Ireland.

1981- China becomes fascist after a coup which overthrows the communist government.

1983- Concentration camps are set up in most places of the British empire, mass killing of Jewish people in Israel starts.

1986- Spain (which remained Fascist after the restoration of the monarchy) officially joins allies with Germany, concentration camps start to be set up all over the country.

1988- Jews are officially extinct in Ireland.

1990- Brazil allies themselves with Nazi Germany, the first concentration camps are set up in South America.

1993- King Henry IX dies, he is succeeded by his son as King Richard IV.

1994- Revolution breaks out in Portugal, a new fascist government is created which allies with Germany.

1995- Fühere Heinrich Steiner dies, he is succeeded by Christian Wulff.

1997- The Jewish population of Israel is now extinct.


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