Timeline of No Red October.


Patrol of the October revolution

Soviets guard captured policemen, Petrograd.

  • March 12 — The February Revolution begins in Petrograd, Russian Empire.
  • March 15 — Nicholas II, the Tsar of Russia, abdicates the throne, and the Russian Provisional Government is formed, with Georgy Lvov as the Minister-Chairman.
  • February 27— The Revolution is considered over.
  • July 16 — The "July Days"; mass armed demonstrations in Petrograd, encouraged by the Bolsheviks, demanding "All Power to the Soviets".
  • July 21 — Prince Lvov steps down and is replaced by Alexander Kerensky as Minister-Chairman.
  • September 8 — "Kornilov mutiny". Begins when the commander-in-chief of the Russian army, General Lavr Kornilov, demands (or is believed by Kerensky to demand) that the government give him all civil and military authority and moves troops against Petrograd.
  • September 14 — Russia declared a republic.
  • September 17 — Trotsky and others freed.
  • September 18 — Bolshevik resolution on the government wins majority vote in Moscow Soviet.
  • October 2 — Moscow Soviet elects executive committee and new presidium, with Bolshevik majorities, and the Bolshevik Viktor Nogin as chairman.
  • October 8 — Third coalition government formed. Bolshevik majority in Petrograd Soviet elects Bolshevik Presidium and Trotsky as chairman.
  • October 23 — Bolshevik Central Committee meeting approves armed uprising.
  • November 7 — October Revolution is launched as MRC directs armed workers and soldiers to capture key buildings in Petrograd. Due to not a lot of support for the Bolsheviks, the Red Guards is outnumbered and defeated by Petrograd Garrison. Trotsky is captured and executed due to betraying Kerensky for the promise of support against Kornilov. Pavel Dybenko escapes to Ukraine.
  • November 9 — Kerensky declares war on the Bolsheviks, thus starting the Russian Civil War by beginning to crack down on any activity that threatens Kerensky's power.


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