July 13 to July 16: The Republican National Convention is held, Barry Goldwater is nominated for president. Actor Ronald Reagan, while suffering from minor food poisoning, gives a speech. The speech is poorly received and Reagan's interest in politics fizzles.


November 8: California Democrat Governor Pat Brown easily wins re-election over former San Francisco Mayor George Christopher.


July 12: Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter wins the Democratic Party’s nomination for president and chooses Minnesota Senator Walter Mondale.

August 16: President Gerald Ford is nominated for another term as president at the Republican National Convention. During the primaries Ford easily defeated his only challenger North Carolina Senator Jesse Helm who represented to far right of the party. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller is also nominated despite protests by the more conservative members of the party.

November 2: President Gerald Ford narrowly wins re-election over Jimmy Carter. A near electoral tie goes in Ford's favour when two of the closest states, Ohio and Wisconsin, go republican.




January 26: Vice President Nelson Rockefeller dies of a heart attack at age 70.

March 11: Director of Central Intelligence George H. W. Bush is sworn in as Vice President.

Work In Progess

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