In this TL, Rome does not destroy Carthage in the Third Punic War. This causes plenty of TL differences.

Timeline Differences


  • Greece survives longer.
  • The Greeks create a Greek Empire that expands into Dacia, Turkey and southern Illyria.
  • The Romans expand northward.
  • Rome doesn't fall when it does, because it had conquered the Germanic tribes.
  • The invasion of Europe by barbaric tribes like Huns, Visigoths, Hungarians, Cumans stopped at Rome's german populated borders.
  • Spain has a southern Carthaginian culture.
  • Rome doesn't build up its navy until later, thus allowing for a more Carthage-controlled Mediterranean earlier on.


  • Carthage lives on.
  • Ptolemaic Egypt is conquered by Carthage after creating a Ptolemaic Empire.
  • It is also conquered later, after the War of the Powers.
  • Cleopatra VII loses the throne to her brother when the Carthaginians support his cause, instead of hers.
  • Carthoafrica is founded in the area that would have become the Songhai Empire.


  • ...

Middle East

  • The Parthian Empire falls earlier and, as the Sassanid Empire never arrives, it is replaced by the Romano-Persian Empire, which lasts longer with Roman support.
  • There is no Islam, but the Carthaginian religion is big with the southern Arabian people. Also, Zoroastrian is another major religion. Christianity is still big, because the Romans still conquered Judah.
  • Jews find a safe haven in Carthage.
  • When Carthaginians find the Indian sea, it opens up connections between the Romans and Eastern cultures.

North America

  • ...

South America

  • ...


  • ...


  • Much more devastating.


  • ...

264 BCE

  • 264 BCE - The Sons of Mars attack the city of Naples, on the Italian Peninsula, and take the entire city hostage. The Romans aid the people's cries and destroy the Sons of Mars in a land battle.
  • 280 BCE - Greece pushes its culture north and starts to form an empire, similar to the Roman Empire in OTL.
  • 293 BCE - The Carthaginians begin trade with the Romans and start their long conquest of the sea. They expand to the west.

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