In our world Nuclear devices have only been used twice, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945 in Japan near the end of WWII. They have the power to wipe out the planet with the accidental press of a button. The thoughts of Nuclear War have inspired Human imagination, Music, Video Games, Books and T.V series. They have caused people to be come paranoid and have consumed billions in state spending as well as a Cold War that spanned 34 years. Strange as it may sound, Nuclear weapons have prevented wars. When India and Pakistan both acquired nuclear weapons wars between them stopped, even if tensions remained high. But what if these weapons simply never produced? What would our world look like?


Month Date: Info (OTL)

(OTL) means that it also happened in our timeline


  • July 16th: The Trinity test is set to occur, the bomb fails to explode.
  • July 21st: The Trinity test is attempted to again and, by a billionth of a chance, it once again fails to explode. The Manhattan Project is abandoned.
  • July 26th: Atlee succeeds Churchill as British Prime Minister. (OTL)

    The Invasion of Manila, Soviet forces land on a beach 3 miles from the city.

  • August 8th: Soviets declares war on Japan and invade Manchuria. (OTL)
  • August 12th: Russia involves it's self in the Pacific War, a naval attack begins on Japanese colonies in the Philippians.
  • August 18th: Sakhalin Island, Japan is invaded sucessfully by the USSR
  • August 26th: An American Fifebombing destroys a southern Naval Base in Japan.
  • September 3rd: The USA and the USSR join forces in the invasion of Manila, the Philippians.
  • September 17th: The Allied forces win the Naval Battle of Manila.
  • September 28th: Manila is captured by the Allies, The Northern Philippians come under Soviet Control while the South is occupied by the Americans.
  • September 30th: After economic pressure and the threat of invasion the Japanese consider surender, but it is overturned due to pride.
  • October 12th: The Invasion of Japan begins, American and Soviet forces pour into the city of Hiroshima.
  • October 18th: A Sarin Gas bomb explodes in Tokyo, killing 13,000 civilans.
  • October 23rd: Hiroshima is under control of the Americans.
  • November 1st: Hokkaido Island, Japan is invaded by the USSR
  • November 3rd: The Soviets gain full control of Hokkaido
  • Novemebr 8th: The Japanese Surrender, The Islands are split between the Americans and the Soviets to restore order, they are supposed to be reunited in 15 years as an independant country. The same goes for Germany where it is split between the British, The French, The Americans and Soviets, and the capital Berlin is also split.

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