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Timeline of events for No Belgium.

19th century

  • 1830-31 (POD) — The Belgian Revolution takes place. The revolution ends in favor of the Dutch after the Ten Days' Campaign after French officials agree not to intervene. After peace talks, Wallonia is annexed by France and Flanders by the Netherlands.
  • 1870-72 — The Franco-Prussian War takes place. Napoleon III's efforts are successful against the Germans, thanks in part to the border fortifications to stop incoming German forces. The North German Confederation ultimately becomes the German Empire, but is not united with the southern states.
  • 1873 — Napoleon III falls ill and passes away. His son ascends as Emperor Napoleon IV
  • 1880 — France and Italy establish an alliance
  • 1882 — With the de facto end of the Holy Alliance due to conflict of interest, Germany re-establishes its alliance with Russia, and slowly cuts ties with Austria-Hungary
  • 1891 — France and Austria-Hungary establish an alliance. The Triple Entente is established soon after.
  • 1899 — Britain and Germany reluctantly establish an alliance

20th century

Europe 1900 (No Belgium)

Europe in 1900, on the verge of war

  • 1902 — Britain and Russia establish an alliance
  • 1904 — The Russo-Japanese War begins over competing influence in Manchuria and Korea. France supplies Japan with financial support while the British supplies Russia with financial support.
  • 1905 — French influence in Morocco causes an international incident. Germany, Britain, and Russia believe France should recognize Morocco as an independent state. After the French government refuses to participate in a conference, the Great War begins