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  • 1959 - Lamar Hunt becomes the Genral Manager and Head Coach of the Chicago Cardinals, but with his wealth based on Texas oil moves the team to Dallas.


  • 1960 - The NFL adds Texas based football team the Houston Cowboys who were originally planned to play in Dallas, but was taken by Lamar Hunt's new Dallas Cardinals, and a rivalry is already built before any games are played between the two teams
  • 1962 - The NFL adds a new Minneapolis based team named the Minnesota Miners
  • 1967 - The NFL adds the New Jersey Giants, Miami Dolphins, San Jose Raiders, and the St. Louis based Missouri Saints


  • 1970 - The Los Angeles Rams move to Denver becoming the Denver Rams
  • 1971 - The NFL adds the Boston Patriots, Atlanta Rebels, and Seattle based Pacifica Seahawks
  • 1975 - The NFL adds the New Orleans based Louisiana Oilers and Los Angeles Chargers after the Rams move to Denver


  • 1980 - The NFL adds the Buffalo Bullets and Orlando Predators
  • 1984 - The NFL adds the Indianapolis Nighthawks, Kansas City Chiefs, and the revised Akron Pros as the Cincinnati Pros




  • February 3, 2013 - The Pacifica Seahawks defeat the Cincinnati Pros to win the 93rd NFL Championship game
  • February 3, 2014 - The Buffalo Bullets defeat the Miami Dolphins to win the 94th NFL Championship game

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