Pre AD

100,000,000 BC- A giant island forms just off the coast of Western Europe.

11,00 BC- The first Settlers arrive on the island.

1st Century AD

18 AD- The Romans arrive on the island, they name it Tiberius in honour of the Emperor of Rome.

23 AD- First major city is founded on the island, the port city of Statton.

27 AD- A Colonial government is fully established on the island.

35 AD- Second Major city is founded, the city of Julius.

39 AD- Roman troops harshly put down a rebellion by native Tiberians.

40 AD- Following on from the rebellion the year before the Tiberian Colonial Government decided to attempt exterminate all native culture on the island as they think natives belief is the sole cause of such rebellions.

43 AD- Third Major city is founded, the city of Cularo

47 AD to 100 AD - The Arcada plan is created, the plan outlines that all native Tiberian culture most be destroyed by the end of the century.

2nd Century AD

100 AD- Officially the Arcada plan is a success, three new major cities are created including: Hamiltonian (Hamilton) Phillipa and Elemburis are created.

110 AD- City of Trajan is founded.

114 AD- Tiberius becomes the first state in the Roman Empire to gain equality to Rome, Statton is proclaimed the capital of the new state.

138 AD- A giant statue of the new emperor of Rome, Antonius, is erected in Statton, it is one of the first major monuments on the island.

170 AD- Emperor Marcus Aurelius becomes the first Roman Emperor to visit Tiberius, he announces it the "shining light" of the Roman Empire, the Emperor commissions the building of the Aurelius Aqueduct, it will reach all the way around Tiberius.

3rd Century AD

205 AD- The Aurelius Aqueduct is completed.

208 AD- Construction on the Severus temple starts in Julius.

228 AD- The seventh major city on Tiberius is founded, Alexander.

247 AD- Acanthus Horus becomes the first man of native Tiberian descent to serve in the Tiberian-colonial government.

258 AD- Acanthus Horus is elected Consul of Tiberius.

259 AD- Consul Horus makes native culture legal again.

260 AD- Emperor Gallenius becomes the second roman Emperor to visit the island. A Temple in Statton is opened in his honour, Gallenius Temple.

275 AD- Consul Horus becomes the first Tiberian consul to take state visit to Rome while in office.

278 AD- The Probus Palace is built in Hamiltonius, it becomes one of the most greatest imperial palaces on Tiberius.

280 AD- Consul Horus retires from office and goes to live in Elagabalus.

282- Acanthus Horus dies at the age of 70. Leaving behind five children and three wives.

4th Century AD

302 AD- City of Diocanans (Diocan) is founded and is the eight major city and a very big Port.

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