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December 4th- Napoleon is crowned Emperor of the French and King of Italy.


April- The War of the Third Coalition begins.

September 25th- The Emperor defeats the Austrian forces in the Alps, the Grand Army occupies Vienna.

December 25th- The Christmas treaty of 1805 is signed, War of the Third Coalition ends.


April- The War of the Fourth Coalition begins.

June- Louis Bonaparte, younger brother of Emperor Napoleon, is made King of Holland.

August- Prussia joins the war.

October 27th- The French occupy Berlin.


February- The Russians are pushed out of Poland.

July 7th- End of the the War of the Fourth Coalition.

July 8th- Jérome Bonaparte made King of Westphilia. The French Emperor made Prince of the Rhine.

December- Rumors start of Empress Josephine's incapability to produce children after a servant of the Empress accidentally brought up the subject at the Imperial family's Christmas party.


May 6th- King Ferdinand VII of Spain abdicates, Napoleon attempts to seize the Spanish throne.

June 6th- Joseph Bonaparte made King of Spain and the Indies.

August 1st- Joachim Murat made King of Naples.


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