October 21 - French win Battle of Trafalgar. Path is cleared for the French invasion of Britain.

December 12 - French Invasion of Britain begins. Beachheads are secured in the winter ice.


January 16 - Treaty of London signed. Kingdom of Great Britain dissolved and England, Scotland, and Ireland are created in its place. England gets Australia, New Zealand, most of British North America, Australia, and New Zealand. France gets Francophone Canada and a large chunk of mostly First Nations-populated regions. They also get Malaya.

May 11 - War of the Fourth Coalition begins. Prussia, Austria, and Sicily fall to France.

December 1 - The other powers sue for peace, realizing that, with Britain gone, their chance to resist Napoleon is also gone. The Napoleonic Wars were over. This is considered the beginning of Pax Francorum.


March 6 - Napoleon invaded Egypt. The Franco-Ottoman War begins.

May 11 - Treaty of Istanbul. Syria and Egypt are made into French puppet kingdoms.

July 14 - Bastille Day. The Duchy of Warsaw launches a French-supported offensive to reclaim Poland.

July 24 - France declares war on Russia in support of Warsaw. Prussian, Austrian, and even Scottish battalions are sent to support Warsaw.

August 25 - The armies meet at Warsaw to begin the campaign to reunify Poland.

September 13 - A rebel uprising in Russian Poland leads to Russia being forced to give it away to Warsaw, which was now calling itself the Polish Kingdom. The kingdom now realized that its goal of re-establishing Poland was simple; now it had a goal of re-establishing the Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth. However, for the time being, a peace treaty was signed as, in the winter, foreign support would be very limited.

December 11 -

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