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1803- Napoleon I refuses to sell the territory of Louisiana to the United States of America . This means that the US are surrounded on all sides by world class countries (Britain, and France).

1804- Napoleon proposes an alliance to the Spanish Kingdom.

1805- Austria falls to Napoleon in the Battles of Ulm and Austerlitz (With the battle of Austerlitz being fought only between the French and the Austrians, with the Russians not being involved).

1806- Russo-Turkish war starts. Napoleon's army defeats the German Empire. Napoleon's Army annexes Denmark and prepares to invade the Norway part of Denmark Norway. A lot Europe is now under French control, with the Russian Empire and Britain being the only independent countries left.

1807- France starts sending troops to Portugal through Spain

1808- Troops fighting in Portugal attack and conquer Spain.

1809- Napoleon invades the remaining free countries in Europe, in early 1809, by the end of the year all countries have been defeated and are under the rule of the French Empire.


1810- Napoleon's Army retreats from Portugal due to not being able to stop all the Partisan groups. Mexican Independence War starts.

1811- Greater Colombia declares itself to be an independent country. Mexican Independence War fails and all leaders are executed.

1812- Napoleon sends 250,000 troops to America. They are sent to protect Louisiana from invasion by the USA and to make sure that New Spain remains a part of France. New Spain is renamed Mexico.

1813- War of 1813 starts, with British Colonies in America fighting off attempted invasions by the USA.

1814- The White House is set on fire by British troops. The war of 1813 ends. Taking advantage over the chaos of the war, Quebec separatists declare themselves independent from England and with help of French soldiers in Louisiana they achieve independence.

1815- France starts a blockade on the British Isles. The US turns to producing most of their own goods since they have no trade partners. The colony of Quebec-Louisiana is formed.

1816- The USA resorts to slavery to boost their economy, thousands of slaves are brought from Africa. The last slave in Mexico is freed.

1817- The independence of Argentina, Chile, and Rio de la Plata is finally recognized.

1818- Treaty of 1818. USA adopts a thirteen stripes Flag.

1819- Panic of 1819. Napoleon invades Syria and Egypt.


1820- Britain faces starvation as its small size can´t support its relatively large population and the French blockade prevents most goods from British America and its Caribbean colonies making it to England.

1821- British forces fight off a small French invading force. Brazil achieves independence.

1822- Half of Egypt is now under French control. Battle of the Pyramids.

1823- Egypt becomes a French province of the Empire.

1825- An independence movement starts in India.


1932- France's army grows dramatically, with roughly one warship leaving Mexico for France every week (most don't make it due to a combination of piracy, bad weather, and assault by British ships in the Caribbean. France's navy still manages to outnumber the British one 5-1.

1834- After France almost succeeds in defeating the Royal Navy in the Battle of Trafalgar, Britain starts massively increasing the size of their navy and families are encouraged to have as many kids as possible to increment Britain's workforce.

1834- Brazilian-Greater Colombian War starts.

1839- There are small uprisings throughout British India.


1841- Brazilian-Greater Colombian War ends with status quo ante bellum retained.

1843- There are small movements for independence from France in European countries.

1845- Second Battle of Trafalgar ends in a stalemate. The Royal Navy is slowly introducing steam powered warships to their navy. France does likewise.

1848- Border Incident of 1848, a war with Russia is avoided when Austrian rebels escape into said country and French forces pursue.


1850- Indian War of Independence starts.

1853- The Indian colony obtains independence due to small numbers of British troops in India.

1854- Napoleon's army invades northern Africa.

1858- All of the African Mediterranean coast is now under French control.

1859- England is now an economic powerhouse out of need to survive. France introduces the first Ironclad Warship.


1860- Conspiracies for Independence start all over Mexico. Design for the Henry rifle is finished.

1861- Rising star Porfirio Diaz and Mexican separatist Benito Juarez come up with a plan to overthrow the French rule in Mexico.

1862- Napoleon turns sickly. Mexican soon-to-be rebels enlist the help of hundreds of officials and thousands of soldiers in the Army and Navy as soon as news reach Mexico. Napoleon dies and Second Mexican Independence War starts. Gatling Gun enters service in the US Armed Forces.

A sketch of a Gatling Gun.

1863- Russia, Britain, and the USA provide support in the form of weapons to the Mexican Insurgents. Battles of Monterrey and San Antonio. French troops are pushed all the way back to Louisiana. Mexico is born.

1864- Uprising of Germany and Austrian Revolution . The newly created Mexican Armed Forces buy the right to domestically produce various weapons, such as the Henry Rifle, LeMat revolver, and starts producing domestic weapons. Mexico produces their own multi-barreled gun, the Hidalgo Automatic Cannon.

1865- Germany and Austria are the first countries in Europe to achieve independence from France. Multi-barrled guns are adapted by advanced nations.

1866- The Mexican Navy starts building Armored Cruisers to replace the obsolete ships-of-the-line used by the French Colonial Navy.

1867- The USA offers Russia to buy Alaska, Russia refuses since it is one of their major sources of income.

1868- The National Weapons Industry (NWI) is created in Mexico.

1869- Spain achieves its independence from France and also takes some lands in northern Africa from France, the Morocco and Algerian territories (Present day Morocco and northern Algeria).


1870- The United States Civil War breaks out. The northern states fight the southern states. Franco-German War starts.

1871- Battles of Beaufort and Raleigh in North Carolina end inconclusively. The Carolinan front is established, with trenches being dug by both sides in the border between Virginia and North Carolina. Franco-German War ends with status quo ante bellum.

1873- Barbed wire is created. With its invention the US front is defined and North and South reach a stalemate.

1877- Persian-Ottoman War starts. The Mondragón Rifle, the first semi-automatic rifle in the world is finished. Mondragón rifle enters service in the Mexican Armed forces.


A picture of the Mondragón Rifle.

1878- The Southern states are forced to surrender due to an effective blockade by the Northern states. Slavery is abolished in the United States.

1879- Persian-Ottoman War ends with Ottoman defeat. Ottoman territories in Europe secede and the Romanian Principalities join the Russian Empire.


1880- The Indiana Territory joins the USA, it's named Indiana and Ohio and become the 15th and 16th states to join the USA. First Boer War starts. The Maritime Colonies of Canada declare their independence from Britain.

1881- Electric lights dominate streets throughout North America, France, and England, with many countries already building electric plants. Russian Emperor Alexander II is murdered. First Boer War ends.

1883- Russia grants independence to Finland. The USA introduces their own semi-automatic rifle, the WSAR (Winchester Semi-Automatic Rifle).

1885- The Maritime Colonies are absorbed into the USA as the 17th, 18th, and 19th states of the USA.

1887- European countries like France, England, and Russia phase out their old bolt action rifles in favor of newer, faster semi automatic rifles. Maxim-Mondragon Gun is invented, it is the first machine gun to enter service in the world, both the Mexican Armed Forces and the British Armed Forces use it to phase out their Gatling-type guns.

A Maxim-Mondragón gun in .30 caliber.

1889- Wall Street Journal first publication. Prince Rudolf of Austria commits suicide. The Eiffel Spire is finished for the World Fair.


1890- Balkan Confederation is formed, it consists of Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania

1891- Mexico, Argentina and Britain field their dreadnought-type ships, Mexico fields the NMM Acorazado, Argentina the CNA Rivadavia, and Britain fields the HMS Dreadnought, after which all ships of that type followed were named.

1892- France, Germany, Russia, Denmark and Japan field their own Dreadnought type warships.

1893- The first semi-automatic pistol is designed and built. It is designed by US engineer John Browning and Mexican gunsmith Alejandro Obregón and is known as the Colt 93 in the USA and as the Obregón pistol in Mexico.

The Obregón or Colt pistol.

1895- The Obregón pistol and Colt 93 enter service in the USA and Mexico. Britain grants independence to their colonies in southern Africa, these join to create the Union of South Africa.

1897- Second Boer Starts between the Union of South Africa and South West Africa.

1899- Second Boer War ends with a victory by South West Africa, it renames itself as Namibia.


1900- Hawaii is annexed by the United States as the 20th state.

1901- Spain, not wanting to deal with the Cuban revolutionaries sells Cuba to Mexico and the USA. Western Cuba belongs to Mexico and Eastern Cuba enter the USA as the 21st state.

1902- The Benz automotive tricycle is finished.

1903- The Ford T-Model becomes the first affordable car in the world.

1904- Russian Civil War starts. Some European countries support the Imperial Russia, while others support the communist Bolsheviks. Interventions by European countries cause tension in the European community.

1905- The entire Russian imperial family is brutally murdered by firing quad when captured by the Bolsheviks. Soviet Russia is formed.

1906- With France, Germany, Austria, The Ottoman Empire, and the Balkan Confederation opposing the creation of Soviet Russia, they form the League of Steel. Most of Europe (except the Scandinavian Republic, England, Spain, and Portugal) oppose the creation of Soviet Russia.

1907- France sends 500000 soldiers to Quebec-Louisisana to protect it from the USA (which will aid Spain in case of war), and Mexico (which will aid Russia and England in case of war). Mexico, the USA, England, Russia, and the League of Steel switch to wartime economies to prepare for the oncoming war.

1908- After several border clashes in Spain, Russia, and North America, war blows over when Russian border troops mistake Balkanian immigrants for a scouting party and open fire on them.

1909- Establishment of fronts:

  • Europe: Eastern (Russian) front, Western (Spanish) front, and English front.
  • North America: Eastern (US) front, Western (Mexican) front.

Open War .


World War One ends, Louisiana-Quebec becomes and independent country.



World War Two starts.


World War Two ends.



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