This is a timeline of the world "Motherland on fire".

It is organized by OTL geographical regions. ATL names are given in brackets (in the case of Europe the name is the same).

Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Siberia (Russia)

1613(1st POD): The Zemskiy Sobor (National Assembly) elects the prince Dmitriy Pozharskiy as Tsar of All Russia (OTL: Michael I of the Romanovs was elected). He is crowned as tsar Dmitriy I, and is the founder of the Pozharskiy dynasty. Having interacted with the common people more than the OTL tsar, as well as having witnessed firsthand the efficiency of a militia of the common folk, Dmitriy believes in the people more than Michael I, and thus establishes the Eternal National Assembly (Vechnyy Zemskiy Sobor). Moreover, he needs parliamentary support more as he is less confident of his power. A parliamentary monarchy is established instead of the absolute monarchy of OTL Russia.

1613-1617 On the basis of his Second Militia, Pozharskiy creates a regular army with the use of both voluntary recruitment and conscription, and quickly re=establishes order in Russia. This progressive system of recruitment allows Russia to win the Polish-Muscovite War (OTL Russia lost to Poland, although managed to preserve its independence). The victory is so decisive that the Commonwealth is split into Poland and Lithuania; with Dmitriy I becoming Grand Duke of Lithuania as well as Tsar of All Russia.

1619: A series of revolts against military conscription is brutally crushed by Dmitriy I. Hundreds are executed, and many more imprisoned.

1617-1625 The Russian economy recovers from the Time of Troubles.

1626 Alarmed by the growing strength of Russia, Sweden declares war on it. Russia wins the war, annexing Sweden’s Baltic territories as well as southern Finland. The construction of the Russian Navy begins in Helsingfors (Helsinki). Helsinki University and Yuriev (Tartu) University are established.

1627-1632: Returning soldiers from the Russian-Swedish war start a massive anti-recruitment and anti-serfdom uprising. The parliament this time supports the uprising, and Dmitriy I is forced to flee to Nizhniy Novgorod in 1629. A Constitution of All Russia is created in 1631 (adopted on July 17). Dmitriy I is allowed to return once the constitution has been adopted; however, now he holds less power and has to cooperate with the parliament rather than ruling over it like before. Serfs that have served in the military for 8 years are by the new law declared free peasants, and land is given to them for free in non-colonized regions in the south and east of the Tsardom.

1636: Moscow University is founded.

1637: Eastern expansion begins. By 1680 all of OTL Siberia is controlled. A bigger metropolitan territory and more progressive government speed up Russian colonization and territorial expansion.

1647: Kazan University is founded

1651: Dmitriy I dies. His son Peter is crowned Peter I, Tsar of All Russia and Grand Duke of Lithuania.

1655: Warsaw University and Kiev University are founded.

1670: The Qazaq Khanate is annexed by Russia.

1672: Theodor I, brother of Peter I, is crowned tsar after Peter's death; however, he dies from an unidentified illness two years later and Ivan I is crowned tsar.

1695: The King of Poland declares the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth re-established and claims the title of Grand Duke of Lithuania. Poland attempts to retake Lithuanian territories, with partial success. OTL Western Ukraine and Lithuania proper are annexed by Poland. Both the monarchs of Poland and Russia retain the titles of Grand Duke of Lithuania.

1701: Ivan I dies of age. Theodor's son, Dmitriy II, takes the throne, and almost immediately declares war on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

1722: Dmitriy II is succeeded by his sister Ksenia I.

1727: After a long war, Russia annexes OTL Western Ukraine; however, Lithuania proper remains in union with Poland.


1635-1641 Russia allies with Denmark-Norway against Sweden in the Thirty Years War. Sweden is defeated once again. Northern Finland and Karelia are annexed by Russia, and the Swedish Empire is united with Denmark-Norway, re-creating the Kalmar Union under the name of Norland. A strong alliance between the Russia and Norland is secured, known as the Baltic Alliance. In France, the Catholics win. The Hapsburg monarchies of Spain (which changes its name to the Western Holy Roman Empire) and Eastern Holy Roman Empire (OTL Holy Roman Empire) annex Italy (except Venice) and Venice respectively (officially both the Eastern and Western empires are called simply the Holy Roman Empire; to avoid confusion between them they are commonly referred to as Western or Eastern). The Eastern HRE, unlike the OTL Holy Roman Empire, does not decentralize, but becomes a more unified state, although the northern member-states exit the Empire. The Caribbean colonies of England are annexed by the Western HRE. Like in the OTL world, Holland gains its independence from Spain.

1644 The Baltic Alliance sees the English Civil War as an opportunity to increase their power in the Atlantic. A united force invades Great Britain, advocating for the independence of Scotland and Ireland. The Irish especially support the invading force. They succeed. Britain remains divided throughout the centuries, and never becomes a major world power. Moreover, Oliver Cromwell uses the threat to England’s independence as an excuse to obtain even more dictatorial powers than he did in OTL, and the English monarchy never returns to power.

1652: Cromwell orders the execution of thousands in the aftermath of an unsuccessful coup to bring back the monarchy.

1657: Oliver Cromwell proclaims the Great Empire of the Anglosaxons, and crowns himself Emperor. The Parliament at this point has no political power, and is dissolved.

1684: The Northern War (not to be confused with OTL Great Northern War) results in Norlandish annexation of much of northern Germany.

1688: Worried by the menace of re-conquest by the increasingly powerful Spain, the Netherlands proclaim a Union of Norland and Holland, informally known as the Union of the North (Norsamveldet).

1693: The Eastern Holy Roman Empire, to avoid any claims to the throne by the Western HRE Emperor, is renamed the Eastern Catholic State.

North and Central America (Vinland and North Columbia)

1661: England loses the Franco-English War, and all English colonies north of Virginia are transferred to France.The English East India Company is bought by France.

1672: The Russian Company of The West Ocean is founded.

1676: Russian exploration of Alaska and British Columbia begins.

1680-1690: Norland/ Norsamveldet colonizes Greenland and Baffin Island.

1685: Pravoslavnyy Fort is founded near the OTL site of the city of Sitka, Alaska.

1689: Kulikovskiy Fort is founded in the OTL state of Washington.

1693: Norsamveldet begins colonization of the Hudson's Bay area.

1698-1712: Anglo-Spanish War: The English win the war, annexing Cuba and all land between and including OTL Florida and Louisiana.

1713: Not wishing to have another war, the HRE accepts Russian border claims in OTL California.

South America (South Columbia)

1668: A Russian colony is established in Terra Del Fuego.

1694: An ECS colony is established in OTL Guyana under the name of New Bavaria.

1714-1725: Benefiting from the HRE's temporary weakness, Portugal declares war and annexes a large portion of OTL Chile and Argentina, and all of Uruguay and Paraguay.

Middle East and Balkan Peninsula (The Three Lands)

Africa (Ethiopia)

1657: Russia founds a colony in Madagascar.

1684-1687: The First Great African Conquest results in Western HRE annexation of OTL Morocco.

1692-1701: The Second Great African Conquest results in Holy Roman Empire (former Western HRE) annexation of much of West Africa.

1705-1712: The Third Great African Conquest, a war of the HRE against the Ottoman Empire, results in a decisive Ottoman victory, and the HRE barely manages to keep Morocco. The HRE is also forced to pay large amounts of money annually to the Ottoman Empire for the next nineteen years to prevent the Ottomans from attacking its colonies.

Far East (East)

South Asia (India)

1661:The English East India Company is bought by France.


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