Point of Divergence

In 1932, because of growing disapproval at the Labour government's attempts to solve the depression problem, support for the British Union of Fascists grows. The government tries labor camps (much like Dachau, but designed for hard Labor rather than for extermination), but they don't work. These measures make the BUF stronger.


  • The BUF, by this time, have supplanted the liberals as the third party.


  • The Labour Party is surpassed by the BUF.


  • The 1935 general elections occur with Mosley becoming the new Prime Minister.


  • Great Britain, Nazi Germany and Japan sign the Anti-Comintern Pact (Mussolini still opposes Hitler, but remains neutral).


  • The USA get together with the USSR, Italy and the Muslim Coalition to form the Coalition of Nations.
  • FDR orders construction of the "iron shield"- a series of fortifications on the American-Canadian border


  • Mexico joins the USA, as well as other central American nations, wanting a piece of the "New Deal".


  • The Manhattan Project begins.
  • The USA begin research into rockets and jet planes.


  • Colombia and Venezuela join the USA, with the US' prosperity a continuing envy in Canada and the British Empire.


  • Project Heinlein, an attempt to create missiles, begins.


  • Argentina goes to war with, and annexes, Chile.


  • Germany, Japan and Britain unleash Unternehmen Gotterdammerung, the invasions of the United States of America, the Soviet Union, Italy and the Muslim Coalition. Britain, Germany and Japan throw everything they have on the East and West Coasts of the USA and from Canada. Harry Truman orders his men to "stand and fight". Generals Patton, Marshall and Eisenhower meet in the Pentagon to evaluate the situation. Secretary of Defense Omar Bradley resigns.


  • Gandhi is executed for leading a protest rally against the war.



  • Operation Seal - The American invasion of Britain - begins. London is nuked.

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