• March 31st: Kaiser Wilhelm II visits Morocco. He gives a statement supporting Moroccan independence.


  • April 1st: (POD) An anarchist plot kills French Premier Maurice Rouvier. With his death, the French Government is thrown into chaos.
  • April 3rd: Theophile Delcasse is voted in as the new French Premier by popular demand. One of his first acts is to prepare France for war with Germany
  • April 15th: Kaiser Wilhelm sends two gunboats to the Moroccan coast. Britain responds by demanding that Germany stops bulling the French.
  • April 20th: German troops are mobilized along the French-German border. In response, France deploys their own troops, and revokes all military leaves. Conscription is introduced the next day.


  • June 5th: Austria-Hungary pledges support to Germany. Italy, however, is uneasy about the whole crisis.
  • June 9th: French troops along the Morocco-Algerian border are mobilized. Germany signs a defence agreement with the Sultan.
  • June 14th: France invades Morocco. Premier Theophile Delcasse, anticipating that Germany will declare war, orders the invasion of Alsace-Lorraine.
  • June 16th: After a highly contested vote, the United Kingdom declares war upon Germany. Russia also declares war upon Germany and Austria-Hungary. 
  • June 20th: British troops land in France, and move to aid the French against Germany. Meanwhile, a British Admrial attacks the Italians in the Meditrainnen, forcing them into the war as well, but on the side of Germany.
  • June 25th: Britain begins negotiating with the Ottoman Empire, in the hope of getting them to enter the conflict on the side of Britain and France. The Ottomans agree, and invade Bosnia. 
  • June 26th: The Balkan nations declare war upon the Ottoman Empire. Romania goes to war with Austria-Hungary to gain Transylvian.  


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