World War One

Italy stays in peace with Austria-Hungary.

William Howard Taft is re-elected.

1914 Major events

  • June 28, 1914- Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated by Serbians. A war between the two is started.
  • July 15, 1914: The Russian Empire Sends troops and weapons to Serbia.
  • July 20, 1914, instead of attacking France, they Send most of there troops to fight Austria.
  • July 21, 1914: Bulgaria invades Albania, taking the Southern half of it in a few weeks.
  • August 5, 1914: Italy mobilizes troops to the Balkans.
  • August 21, 1914: Britain And France declare war on Germany.
  • August 23, 1914. The whole pact declares war on Britain and France. Spain Joins the Central. Spain Germany, and Italy invade France.
  • September 24, 1914, Serbia is weakened, troops advance though. Romania Invades Bulgaria from the south, but is stopped not too far in.
  • October 4, 1914: Russia begins a counterattack on Germany, and is somewhat successful. Italy takes the city of Monaco. Spain advances North.
  • November 7, 1914: British Ships land on Spain. Germany invades Denmark. Italy Expands through Southern France.
  • December 15, 1914: German troops are stopped in Russia. Albania is taken, and Greece is invaded. The Ottomans invade Russia from the Black Sea and Romania. Britain begins to move into Spanish land.

1915  Major events

  • January 5: Romania is pushed deep in there land, and Bucharest is surrounded. British Forces are stopped in Spain, but soon Portugal intervenes, and Britain gets a lead again. German forces take Denmark. France holds Italy and Spain for a while, but Germany starts rolling in.
  • February 15, 1915: Romania is taken. Greece is also. Russia begins to push back forces.
  • April 19, 1915: Bulgaria starts a mass invasion of Serbia. Britain Invades Denmark back from Germany, which goes nowhere.
  • July 1, 1915: Britain takes Copenhagen. Germany approaches France. Russia bushes Germany back into Prussia, but Austria cuts them off. The Ottomans have better luck, and continue on in Russia.
  • November 27, 1915: Paris is reached but not taken: Britain takes Denmark back, but is stopped there. In Africa. In Africa, The Italians push into the French Sahara, but the conditions are rough and they are slowly pushed back

1916 Major events

  • March 15: In Ireland, a revolution begins. Germany asks Mexico to join their alliance, and they accept. The French push Italy out of the Sahara, but in France they have no such luck. Paris is burnt to the ground
  • August 2: Serbia is taken. The Ottomans continue against Russia. Germany invades the Dutch and Brussels. They advance slowly in France. German U-Boats begin destroying ships coming from the English Channel. Mexico, along with the other central powers, increase their size in military, an start development of better machine guns.

1917 Major events

  • February 8: In the US, Charles Hughes is elected president, and declares he will not enter war. Mexico takes British Honduras, and goes on to invade Guatemala. Britain moves a little into Germany before being pushed back.
  • March 3: France Surrenders. In The Sahara. Italy gets the upper hand. Britain continues to fight on, and does ok. Russia begins to go downhill. Ireland declares independence, and begins fighting Britain.
  • May 29.: Mexico invades Guatemala. Brazil decides to join the Central, and begins working on weaponry. Designs for a better tank than Britain's is drawn up. Mexico and Germany begin a chemical weapons program
  • August 30:German Ships land on the British Province of Cornwall, and are slowed there. The ottomans push in Russia. Bulgaria begins in Russia.
  • November 11: Mexico takes Guatemala. Germany makes little movement in Britain but makes significant movement in Russia. Sweden invades Norway and Russia, Joining the Centrals. Brazil builds up military along with the rest of the Alliance.

1918 Major events

  • January 4: Norway is crushed. Mexico Next eye up Panama, but does nothing yet. Russia is greatly weakened,and is destroyed. Four new Central Loyal countries: Russian Empire, Ukrainian Empire, The Lithuanian Kingdom And the Belorussian Empire.
  • March 22:. The Balkan forces are defeated. Now all eyes are on Britain and its colonies. Realizing they are no match, Britain Surrenders. They  are allowed to keep their colonies in the Caribbean and India, nothing more. Ireland takes independence.
  • The rest of the year: They improve their military. Mexico becomes an absolute monarchy. Brazil takes Uruguay. In Britain, a civil war begins, between the Communists and the Royalists. Communist ideas begin to spread in the U.S.A. Canada, is now fully independent.

Post war

Mexico decides not to invade Panama, and instead build up its military, Its chemical weapons program works out pretty well. Italy takes Southern France and annexes that. Germany expands into the rest of France, and Into Denmark, and Switzerland. Ottomans land Crete and most of Greece. Their nations prosper. In Britain, the commies win officially around 1923 and Britain becomes The United Communist Republics of Great Britain, or UCRoGB (Uk- Rog-b). In 1929, the stock market crashes harder than OTL, which throws the USA into a civil war as well.  The Communists lose, but the USA is weakened beyond repair. on 1934, Zakary Fieldman is elected president. He declares himself dictator for life. The democratic spirit, along with Mexico, defeat him, but Mexico requests the states of New Mexico and Arizona in return for helping them out. Germany, Mexico and Italy recover quickly but Austria doesn't and blames the other centrals In 1938, the centrals invade Austria from all sides, being partitioned between the centrals. In Asia, during 1939, India declares independence. Japan invades China, but is pushed out by 1941. China then proceeds to invade Japan, and defeats them. Brazil expanded into Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.

The English war


  • The US,and Canada sign an alliance.
  • August 29- India defeats Britain.
  • December 4- The U.S invades Mexico to gain its territory..


  • June 7: Quebec declares independence, starts fighting the Canadians. The US is stopped, and pushed into their own territory..
  •  December 21: Canada surrenders to Quebec, Giving them Newfoundland and Nova Scotia (And obviously Quebec).


  • Germany begins blocking US ships.
  • Mexico and Quebec push deep into The U.S.
  • October 30: The U.S surrenders. Quebec is given the New England and Great Lakes Region. Mexico is given Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, and California. Texas is turned into a vassal. The land east of the Mississippi is made into the New United Kingdom, while the west is made into the Mountain States of America

The War between the alliance

The alliance wasn't stable, though. The Ottomans and Bulgarians claimed they hadn't gotten much land for helping so much. Russia was Reunified.  Italy invaded Bulgaria, and all hell broke loose. The North American countries just sat and watched - except for Mexico.


  • Germany and Russia both attack the Ottomans, but the Ottomans hold their own with acts of miracles.
  • December 29: Bulgaria holds the Italians, and begins to push into Italian-Austrian and German-Austrian territory.


  • Mexico begins work on a nuclear bomb.
  • Bulgaria defeats Germany and Italy in Austria.
  • The Ottomans push into Russia.


  • Bulgaria's luck runs out, as does the Ottomans', and both are pushed far back
  • Mexico continues to work on the nuclear bomb. They tell Germany and Italy about this, and they begin work also. The next year is a stalemate.


  • Mexico tests its nuke.


  •  Mexico nukes the cities of Bucharest in Bulgaria and Constantinople in Ottomania, Germany bombs Sofia. Then a mass invasion of both commences, resulting in a victory for both.

The somewhat peaceful years that follow

That would be the last world war. Although many one-on-one wars and border wars would  follow. Mexico, Germany, Russia, Italy, and China become the only countries allowed to have nukes. In 1980, The Mexicans land a man on the moon. A small cold war with  Russia follows, and lasts only a mere ten years. Mexico incorporates Texas into its land. Spain and Italy expand in Africa, and two powerful nations, Zaire and South Africa emerge. A timeline for the events after WWII will be made.

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