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This is the timeline of events in the Massive Impact scenario.


  • The asteroid Judgment is finally observed as having a chance of hitting Earth. The scientist observing it is laughed out of his profession.


  • Judgment strikes China on July 24th, 1899. Of course, anything within the initial blast is destroyed. Hundreds of km away, the blast is visible on the horizon. For a few minutes, it is as if there were two suns in the sky. Clothing catches fire, windows and buildings are destroyed, cars are inoperable, and anyone outside or near a window is either dead or seriously injured. A shock wave hits Beijing and New Delhi, shattering windows and ears. On the other side of the world, the San Andreas fault begins to buckle. A small earthquake occurs. However, the fault line becomes like a time bomb. It is waiting to go off. Nearly a billion were dead on the first day. Another six million by the end of the year. A tsunami strikes Hawaii and Tahiti, killing most of the inhabitants. Crust flies up into orbit.


  • Riots begin in the United States. Territories begin to secede. In California, thousands of immigrants flee for safety from the riots.
  • Finland finds itself in a rather odd position as Russia and Sweden begin to fall apart.
  • Most oversea territories of Britain and France declare independence. The motherlands are unable to keep in contact with their territories. Canada and Australia declare independence, but they both fall into a state of civil war.
  • Essen Germany is hit by a shard of meteor. A smaller shock wave destroys the surrounding cities.
  • The Empire of Bukhara becomes the closest surviving nation to the impact crater.
  • Fort Las Vegas is rediscovered.
  • The Ottoman Empire becomes a military state until things calm down.


  • Radiation from the strike begins to contaminate the surrounding area.
  • Las Vegas grows as survivors flock to the city. The US, not recognizing these people, punishes many seceders. They are punished with lethal force. The US does not want another civil war.
  • The New Roman Empire in Italy is created.
  • In England, Charles Heath survives an assassination attempt by a democratic group. He immediately makes his army disband all democratic groups and execute the leaders of the one that tried to kill him
  • The Ottoman Empire begins to explore the Mediterranean while also continuing the reconstruction which now has Government support, allowing for cities and damaged areas to be rebuilt faster. A small expedition to explore (to not take control of or colonize) Greece, Bulgaria and Italy.
  • Sparsely populated Australia begins to recover from the impact. Most of the farmland has been spared, and they are able to support the remaining cities. They declare nominal independence from Britain to give themselves some more leeway in terms of the political actions needed to retain a unified Australia. While British Army remnants initially fight against what they perceive as an insurrection, most of the forces on the mainland have (for the moment) joined up with the AC to keep it from falling into anarchy. Some of the more loyal of the military units, however, have relocated to strongholds in Tasmania and New Zealand. No official action has been taken as of yet, but they are expected to launch an offensive sometime next year. For the moment, AC troops quell riots in the southwest and absorb much of the British Indian fleet that managed to escape the tidal waves that swept through the Indian Ocean.
  • Finland continues to salvage what it can from the initial devastation. The army and navy are reformed and reorganized due to the influx of Scandinavian and Russian troops and ships. Exploratory trips are carried out in several different directions. One reaches the New Roman Empire and Germany, and propose alliances. Shipyards are expanded considerably as Finland begins taking over much of the trade in the Baltic.
  • Bukhara starts a heavy "Modernization" program, based upon the more advanced technology of the ruins of the nearby Chinese and Russian Empires, plus nearby British India. All of this regions had fallen into anarchy but some modernized technology had survived. Infrastructure, industry and medicine are especially improved. Later, a Bukharan expedition finds itself within British Oman and proposes Britain an alliance, which Britain accepts.


  • Radiation begins to spread near Korea. The survivor government responds to this crisis with aid to those affected.

    The death of a coastal city.

  • Water levels rise due to an increase in heat.
  • The USA continues to splinter. The Mojave Republic is founded. California and most of the west coast leaves the US.
  • Germany is forced to evacuate many towns due to the rising water levels.
  • England pulls all troops from its overseas colonies.


  • The Mojave Republic expands. Water levels continue to rise. A devastating hurricane strikes Florida.
  • Korea reforms much of its former self.
  • Bukhara begins to extend aid to other nations.


  • Water levels rise. Mojave flourishes as the Colorado river expands.
  • The US extends aid to Canada. More states leave the US which is rapidly going into debt.
  • Mexico City becomes the third Mexican Empire


  • France picks themselves up and begins to make matters better in its mother country. The colonies are lost due to a lack of communication.
  • Mojave expands down the Colorado River.
  • More states leave the US. The US demands that they return by 1908 or war.
  • The New Roman Empire rises to power in Italy, completely taking OTL Italy.
  • Britain works on improving its interior.



San Francisco

  • An earthquake occurs along the San Andreas Fault. The survivor town of San Francisco is nearly destroyed. To make matters worse, the debris field around Earth begins to fall back to Earth. For the most part, they are just shooting stars. However, some impact the Earth, devastating it. For most of the year, shooting stars are commonplace. Morale lowers in most countries. People assume the sky is falling.
  • Mojave reforms into the Western States of America. Several survivor colonies willingly join the WSA.
  • Florida and Louisiana secede.


  • The WSA works on building farms to feed its population. Meanwhile, they refuse to join the USA again.
  • The USA begins amping up its military.


  • The USA declares war on the WSA. The USA sends hundreds of thousands of soldiers into the WSA, hoping for a quick and easy victory. Most of the US troops are sent into the central region of the WSA, hoping to divide the upstart country in half and make it easier to destroy. Lots of WSA territory is lost to the invading Union.
  • The Free States of America, a democratic government determined to free itself from the US, who they see as oppressors, form in Louisiana. Areas of Texas and Mississippi also fell a growing want to join this nation.


  • The USA continues to advance on the WSA.
  • The Free States of America attack Mississippi and Alabama.


  • Olympic-and-titanic-being-built-in-belfast.-135-p

    Olympic and what is soon to be the Titanic under construction.

  • The British, intent on building ships that can sustain themselves in the post-impact world, begins building the Olympic in Southampton.
  • The Western States of America begin pushing the USA out of their territory. The morale in US soldiers is too low to counter this attack, and the US supply lines have been stretched to the breaking point, causing most of the US soldiers to be malnourished and willing to surrender.
  • The Free States of America continue to attack Mississippi and Alabama, having increasing support from the people in the area, especially the blacks. To gain more support for the cause, the FSA promises full rights for African Americans in FSA territory.


  • The Olympic is finished ahead of schedule. Work begins of the Titanic. The Olympic goes into fitting.
  • The WSA manages to reclaim its former territory, as US troops are pushed farther and farther back.
  • The Free States of America takes Mississippi and Alabama, with a victory in the monumental battle of Jackson, where the US defence force allowed themselves to be surrounded and slowly destroyed. The US forces retreat to the border of Tennessee, trying to rebuild the army.
  • France begins exploring the areas to see what was affected.
  • Popular support in the US to fight the rebellion starts to wane. Many important figures tour the US to try to create peace between the battling nations.


  • The Olympic is launched. It makes a journey to France.
  • The WSA puts the USA on the defense, taking all of Nevada and Colorado. The states were already free of US influence except for small areas anyway, but the survivor states willingly joined the WSA. The USA retreats into central Kansas, hoping to draw the WSA into an unwieldy advance. People in the WSA flock to the army, willing to join the fight for justice and freedom.
  • The FSA begins to take Georgia and Missouri, using a complex mix of guerrilla warfare and outflanking the US forces. The US finds many of its major generals leaving the US army, disgusted by the way the war is going. This causes minor generals to have to lead large amounts of forces they are not used to commanding.


  • The Titanic is launched and it makes a trans-Atlantic journey to the USA. Seeing that they are in another civil war, they turn back. It survives its maiden voyage.
  • The WSA pushes the USA back several fronts.
  • The FSA continues to take Georgia and Missouri.
  • The New Roman Empire and Germany go to war.


  • By now, Panama and most low-lying coastal regions are under water. The Mississippi River floods, cutting US troopers in the west off from supplies. This causes most of the US soldiers to either give up the fight or join with the WSA. The WSA continues to tell the people in the US west of the Mississippi that the US is a greedy, power loving nation that cares nothing for its people. This propaganda works very well as people give up the fight.
  • The WSA takes California and some of Oregon.
  • The Olympic is sent on a mission to New Rome. It is fired on and must return to England.
  • The New Roman Empire takes more German territory.


  • The FSA takes Georgia and Missouri.
  • The US signs the Treaty of Paris. The US must abandon all lands west of the Mississippi River and end hostilities between the new American countries.
  • The Titanic and Olympic are sent back to Italy to bomb it. The Titanic is shot while cruising over Venice. As it sinks, the lifeboats catch fire or are shot at. 756 are dead, but over 1500 live. A survivor says, "I don't see how it could get any worse."
  • The WSA claims Idaho and Wyoming.


  • France is invaded by the New Roman Empire.
  • The Korean state begins to fall.
  • The WSA consolidates their power.
  • The FSA begins to work on improving its interior.
  • Sea level is at an all time high. The Outer Banks of North Carolina are completely gone by now.
  • The Ottoman Empire and Great Britain clash, leading to an eight month campaign in Sinai. The Ottoman Empire declares victory; also, later that year the Sultan Agreement act is signed. the Sultanate of Egypt, Rumelia and Bulgaria are all formed.


  • The Roman Empire continues to take parts of France.
  • The Korean State goes into civil war.
  • An overwhelming amount of states want to join the WSA. Kansas joins the WSA.


  • The New Roman Empire takes the rest of France. Spain, which has failed far into civil war, is the next target.
  • Britain bombards New Roman Cities.
  • The WSA continues to absorb survivor states. Only a handful are let in a year.
  • Africa and South America begins to become more tropical


  • The average temperature continues to rise. Skin cancer becomes a major problem in tropical areas.
  • The New Roman Empire continues to take Spanish lands.
  • Britain begins to go into debt.
  • Australia goes into civil war.


  • The WSA absorbs more states.
  • Britain continues to see troubles. London is flooded.
  • A smaller meteorite strikes near Cairo, Egypt.
  • The Ottoman Empire begins to lose much territory to raiders.,


  • Britain goes into anarchy. The New Roman Empire invades to the south.


  • The New Roman Empire takes more of Spain.
  • More states join the WSA.


  • The New Roman Empire reaches its height.
  • The WSA borders touch the FSA and US borders at the Mississippi River.


  • The WSA reaches a golden age. The first flight takes place in Kansas.
  • Australia unites.


  • Protests from the black population in the WSA and FSA sparks the civil rights movements.
  • Australia works on improving its interior.


  • Ireland begins to unify.
  • A sit in at a Denver ski-lodge leads to widespread sit ins.


  • A meteor shard strikes Istanbul. Most of the city is vaporized.


  • The New Roman Empire begins to fall.


  • The Civil Rights protests continue in the FSA and WSA. The FSA refuses to go along with this, but certain WSA states declare the Jim Crow laws unconstitutional.


  • The Aspen Renaissance begins in Aspen, WSA. The Jazz era begins.
  • The FSA outlaws the Jim Crow laws.
  • The New Roman Empire has a civil war.


  • The WSA declares the Jim Crow laws unconstitutional.


  • A fire happens in New York City.


  • Disease runs rampant in South America and parts of Africa.
  • South Africa becomes the only unified African nation.


  • Radiation spreads near the Empire of Bukhara.


  • The WSA works to make the airplane better.
  • The Olympic loses contact with Southampton. It is declared MIA. Little does the world know that it will become a floating city.


  • The Jazz era is in full swing in the WSA. The FSA begins listening to Jazz as well.


  • Radiation seeps into Bukharan lands.
  • The New Roman empire collapses on itself. European civilization becomes mainly warring tribes. However, places like Ireland and Rome remain somewhat civilized.
  • Ireland begins working on the Gigantic.


  • The WSA begins to go into debt, dragging the FSA down with it.


  • The Gigantic's hull is completed. Fitting the ship begins.


  • Global warming continues to strike all around the world. Skin cancer rates continue to climb and crops begin to die. The oceans continue to rise. New York City is completely underwater.
  • The USA collapses.


  • The Gigantic sets sail for the WSA and the FSA.


  • The Gigantic arrives in an FSA/WSA dock in the Mississippi River.


  • The ring around Earth by now has dissipated. Nightly meteor showers stop.


  • The WSA picks themselves up from their debt.


  • The Gigantic strikes an old mine from the Roman/Britain war. It sinks.


  • An earthquake strikes in the Alps.


  • The Olympic arrives on an island. They begin bringing soil and seeds aboard. Some cabins are filled with water.


  • The Olympic sets sail and begins working on the garden.


  • The FSA begins to collapse.
  • The WSA loses contact with some Mississippi River states.


The Ottoman Empire claims to be the strongest empire existing and proves so by the introduction of the jet fighter. This revolutionary moment marks an Age of Technology.

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