1761-Marathas win the Third Battle of Panipat. The Dzunger Oirats seek refuge in the Maratha Empire.

1763-Marathas capture Sindh from the Durrani

1764-Punjabis declare allegiance to Marathas and rebel against the Durrani

1765-Eastern Punjab falls under Maratha control

1766-Bengali rebellion

1767-Bengal abandoned by British. Robert Clive and Bengali garrisons sent to New England

1770-Bengal annexed by Marathas

1773-Marathas invade Jammu and Kashmir

1775-Mysore under siege by the Marathas

1775-American Revolution begins

1776-Mysore under Maratha control

1778-Western Punjab under Maratha control

1780-Reconversion in Sindh and Western Punjab successful

1780-Durrani Empire collapses

1781-Pashto regions under Maratha control

1783-Dari-speaking regions annexed by Persia 1784- Dari-speaking regions reconquered by the Marathas

1785-American Revolution over. Thirteen Colonies excluding Maine independent

1787-New Ireland in Maine established

1788-Madras abandoned by Britain and captured by Marathas

1790-Nizam of Hyderabad assassinated by Maratha assassins

1795-Marathas conquer Hyderabad

1800-Last of the Deccan sultanates annexed by Marathas. First Rail line built by the Marathas (Bombay to Pune to Dilli)

1802-Last of the independent Indian nations fall under Maratha control

1804-Bombay under siege from Marathas

1807-Bombay under Maratha control

1810-Forcible reconversions in Maratha Empire

1812-Anglo-American War begins

1813-Napoleonic Wars over

1814-Anglo-American War over. Parts of Louisiana taken by Britain

1820-Siege of Goa

1828-Siege of Goa over. Portuguese India under Maratha control

1835-Siege of Pondicherry

1846-Mexican-American War

1848-Mexican-American War over. New borderline at Sonora and Chihuahua

1850-Siege of Pondicherry over. All of India under Maratha control

1851-Northern Louisiana given back to USA after American settlers flood the region

1852-Annexation of Mexican free states starts the American Civil War between free states and slave states

1857-American Civil War over. Slavery illegal in United States

1857-Remaining Muslims in India rebel. Islam illegalized in India

1865-Sonora and Chihuahua rebel against America

1867-Dominion of Canada established. The founding provinces are Ontario, Quebec, New Ireland, and Nova Scotia

1880-Remaining Christians forcibly converted to Hinduism in India

1900-Democratization of India. Emperor is now elected

1914-World War I begins. India remains neutral

1920-Treaty of Versailles.

1929-Great Depression.

1939-World War II.

1945-End of World War II

1946-Beginning of Cold War. India allied with USA

1948-Mohandas Gandhi negotiates the independence of British colonies

1950-All British colonies independent

1951-Sino-Indian War. Chinese forced out of Tibet

1963-Cuban Missile Crisis. Missiles removed from Cuba, 1970- The Dzunger Oirats backed by the Marathas force China out of their homeland. The Muslims and Christians of the Tarim Basin are peacefully converted to Buddhists and Hindus through Maratha and Dzunger missionaries.

1989-Autumn of Nations. Warsaw Pact collapses

1990-China collapses

2001-War on Terror begins. Iran invaded by US and India

2014-Crimean Crisis. East Ukraine given referendum and is given independence as Novorossiya and Ukraine joins European Union

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