1761-Marathas win the Third Battle of Panipat

1763-Marathas capture Sindh from the Durrani

1764-Punjabis declare allegiance to Marathas and rebel against the Durrani

1765-Eastern Punjab falls under Maratha control

1766-Bengali rebellion

1767-Bengal abandoned by British. Robert Clive and Bengali garrisons sent to New England

1770-Bengal annexed by Marathas

1773-Marathas invade Jammu and Kashmir

1775-Mysore under siege by the Marathas

1775-American Revolution begins

1776-Mysore under Maratha control

1778-Western Punjab under Maratha control

1780-Reconversion in Sindh and Western Punjab successful

1780-Durrani Empire collapses

1781-Pashto regions under Maratha control

1783-Dari-speaking regions annexed by Persia

1785-American Revolution over. Thirteen Colonies excluding Maine independent

1787-New Ireland in Maine established

1788-Madras abandoned by Britain and captured by Marathas

1790-Nizam of Hyderabad assassinated by Maratha assassins

1795-Marathas conquer Hyderabad

1800-Last of the Deccan sultanates annexed by Marathas

1802-Last of the independent Indian nations fall under Maratha control

1804-Bombay under siege from Marathas

1807-Bombay under Maratha control

1810-Forcible reconversions in Maratha Empire

1812-Anglo-American War begins

1813-Napoleonic Wars over

1814-Anglo-American War over. Parts of Louisiana taken by Britain

1820-Siege of Goa

1828-Siege of Goa over. Portuguese India under Maratha control

1835-Siege of Pondicherry

1846-Mexican-American War

1848-Mexican-American War over. New borderline at Sonora and Chihuahua

1850-Siege of Pondicherry over. All of India under Maratha control

1851-Northern Louisiana given back to USA after American settlers flood the region

1852-Annexation of Mexican free states starts the American Civil War between free states and slave states

1857-American Civil War over. Slavery illegal in United States

1857-Remaining Muslims in India rebel. Islam illegalized in India

1865-Sonora and Chihuahua rebel against America

1867-Dominion of Canada established. The founding provinces are Ontario, Quebec, New Ireland, and Nova Scotia

1880-Remaining Christians forcibly converted to Hinduism in India

1900-Democratization of India. Emperor is now elected

1914-World War I begins. India is a Central Power

1920-Treaty of Versailles. India is spared from harsh terms, but is forced to give up 100 tons of diamond to Britain and France each

1929-Great Depression. Azad Hind Fascist movement starts to gain followers

1939-World War II. Azad Hind gains control over Bengal and Northeast India

1944-Azad Hind pushed out of India

1945-End of World War II

1946-Beginning of Cold War. India allied with USA

1948-Mohandas Gandhi negotiates the independence of British colonies

1950-All British colonies independent

1951-Sino-Indian War. Chinese forced out of Tibet

1963-Cuban Missile Crisis. Missiles removed from Cuba, India and Turkey

1989-Autumn of Nations. Warsaw Pact collapses

1990-China collapses

2001-War on Terror begins. Iran invaded by US and India

2014-Crimean Crisis. East Ukraine given referendum and is given independence as Novorossiya and Ukraine joins European Union

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