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Louisiana Revolution Timeline
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Timeline of Major Events

  • 1710: Word reaches France of fertile land and resources in Louisiana.
  • 1754: The Fourth Intercontinental War begins and George Washington is taken prisoner.
  • 1763: The Fourth Intercontinental War ends in a British victory and rule of Louisiana is transferred to Spain, igniting the Louisianan Revolution.
  • 1770: Louisiana gains its independence from Spain.
  • 1776: The 13 colonies rebel against British rule and are crushed brutally.
  • 1778: The Spanish-Louisianan War leaves New Spain reeling in defeat.
  • 1781: The American Revolution begins following Washington's release from prison and Patrick Henry assumes the office of President.
  • 1788: The American Revolution ends in the overthrow of the British regime.
  • 1789: The French Revolution begins.
  • 1799: South-Pacific Claims Treaty signed between Britain and Louisiana.
  • 1801: United Kingdom formed.
  • 1803: The European War starts when tensions between Britain and France explode.
  • 1804: Napoleon assumes the position of French Emperor.
  • 1808: New Spain is defeated in the Second Spanish-Louisianan War and cedes nearly all of its land to Louisiana.
  • 1817: Napoleon I emerges victorious in the European War, an event regarded as the most important of the 19th century due to its far reaching implications. Several new nations are born and colonialism comes to an end, although Spain retains control of New Granada.
  • 1829: Napoleon I dies and is succeeded by Napoleon II.
  • 1842: Germany is formed following the French defeat in the Rhine War, and France loses its superpower status and is forced to free several nations.
  • 1876: Britain becomes a constitutional monarchy following its defeat in European War II, and Germany absorbs Switzerland, and Poland expands into Russia. Italy becomes a sovereign state, and Austria is absorbed by the Ottoman Empire.

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