16th Century

1599: Oliver Cromwell is born.

17th Century

1625: King James VI dies, he is succeed by his son as King Charles I.

1630: Oliver Cromwell becomes an MP, King Charles dissolves Parliament.

1641: King Charles brings back Parliament to raise taxes, however the MP's refuse to co-operate with him.

1643: The English Civil War starts.

1645: The English Royalists are defeated in the Battle of London.

1646: Another major defeat for the Royalists at the Battle of Nottingham, King Charles' forces are now split in half.

1647: Siege of Oxford ends in Royalist defeat, Prince James is captured.

1648: Battle of Cardiff takes place, while there is no clear victor, during the battle republican forces manage to capture King Charles I.

1649: After almost a year under house arrest in Oxford, King Charles I is brought to London for trial, he is found guilty and sentenced to death, the King is executed on January I, 1649. His son, Prince Charles, is proclaimed King Charles II by the royalist government and is crowned in Edinburgh later that year.

1650: Cardiff finally surrenders after a Six week siege, Republican troops march into Scotland later that year.

1651: With now most of Scotland in open rebellion, Charles II takes one last stand in Edinburgh but is finally defeated in the Battle of Edinburgh. Charles is arrested and taken back to London, though many want him executed Cromwell convinces Parliament to let him live in exile, Charles is allowed to keep the titles "King-Pretender, Duke of Cambridge, Prince of Wales, Duke of Rothesay and Earl of Ulster", Charles abdicates. The Council of State of created to lead England, Scotland and Ireland.

1653: Oliver Cromwell declares the "United Britannic Commonwealth", he is elected Lord Protector later that year, Cromwell announces the creation of a "Constitution".

1654: The Final draft of the Constitution is completed.

1655-1657: Lord Protector Cromwell's Irish campaigns lead to thousands dead in Ireland

1658: Oliver Cromwell dies, John Milton is appointed Lord Protector by Parliament

1660: Following the Milton Affair Lord Protector Milton is deposed, Charles Stuart is elected Lord Protector by Parliament

18th Century

19th Century

20th Century

21st Century

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