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  • Iranian Revolution does not happen. Iran Stays under control of shah.
  • December 24, 1979, Soviet forces invades Afghanistan.
  • December 28, 1979, Iranian forces enters Afghanistan to defend Afghanistan against Soviet forces.


  • March 5, 1980, Soviet forces launch a full scale attack on north-west of Iran.


  • February 19, 1981, Iraqi forces invade southwest of Iran in order to help Soviet forces.


  • April 1, United States Armed Forces enters Iran in order to help Iranian forces. 
  • April 2, 1982, Argentina invades Falkland Islands. Falkland War begins.
  • September 25, End of Iran-Soviet War.


  • Mohammed Reza Shah of Iran dies of cancer.


  • North Korean forces invade South Korea in order to reunify Korea.

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