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The London Event occurs on June 30, 1908. A heavenly body, possible a meteroid or a comet, strikes the city of London and in the space of a few minutes 2 million people are dead. Deaths include most of Parliament, King Edward VII and most of the Royal Family. The world reels from the event.

Two days later, the United Kingdom has descended into chaos. In Ireland, the Irish see the destruction of London as a sign from God and the island is in complete revolt. Small scale rebellions have also sprung up in Scotland, Wales and parts of the Empire. Meanwhile anarchy and confusion grips most of the Empire due to a lack of a central government.

As July rolls by, a new Parliament is formed in Winchester. With anarchy across the Empire increasing, the new Parliament declares martial law and declares there intent to end the rebellions across the Empire. Meanwhile the rest of the world debates about what to do in regards to the declining situation in Great Britain. Germany has already proposed gathering an international force to restore order. France and Russia have already began eyeing Britain's colonial possessions.

While Europe debates what to do about Britain, the leaders of Wales and Scotland react to the new Winchester Parliament by each declaring independence. This declaration officially starts the Second British Civil War. Though the war is officially between the Winchester Parliament and the "Celtic Rebels", other factions in the United Kingdom and nationalists throughout the Empire are using the opportunity to start their own revolutions.



English Diaspora

British Diaspora 1908-1946

Canadian Civil War/Québec and Labrador Secede.


The Treaty of Berlin officially ends the Second British Civil War. The former United Kingdom is reorganized into the independent states of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The British Empire, meanwhile, is split among the newly independent Dominions and the members of the international task force that intervened in the civil.

Geopolitical changes include

  • The United States takes authority over the former-British Caribbean possessions.
  • Reorganisation of Africa


Russia invades Persia.




Albert Einstein develop the Nuclear bomb to the German Empire to prevent the WW3

  • Japanese-American War.








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